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Kate Jeopardized Her Career

Captain Lee thinks Kate Chastain is very lucky the naughty blanket fold didn't get taken the wrong way.

By Lee Rosbach

Ahoy Everyone,

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Hope the weekend was a good one for everyone. Wow, how did I get put in this position of having to explain a penis on the bed of the primary charter guest? The big kahuna, main man, the big enchilada, the guy that pays the bills.

Kate, how could you possibly think that you could manipulate me into thinking that you were the victim here? Feigning ignorance? Really? I asked you twice and you lied to me. Then, you tried to lie to me again. Then you want to blame the guests for your bad behavior. Your feelings were hurt, so you took it upon yourself to extract retribution for your hurt feelings without regard for the guests, the crew, or the reputation of the yacht. You wanted Andrew gone for lying. Are you serious? This is the second consecutive charter that has called you on not being pleasant enough and you have the gall to accuse them?


No.1: He didn't call you a bitch, he said he thought your attitude was kind of bitchy. Was he out of line? A bit, but not over the top by any means. You and I have both experienced worse. No. 2: All that was needed at that point was for you to say, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you that impression. I'll work on that, no problem." Then smile. Problem solved. But no, you had to get personal about it and jeopardize not only your job, but also bring everyone in the crew along for the ride. We live and die as a team. Loyalty is earned not demanded. You want the crew to be loyal to you, don't put them in compromising positions. You admit that the rest of the charter and its success rely on everything going perfect, and who is it that caused that situation to exist? You. Were you worried? I think that was apparent and deserved, but when it's all said and done, now you want credit for a great tip that you had no clue was coming? Wow. You were lucky, nothing more, nothing less. You have a second chance, just like Andrew, and I hope you make the best of it. In my opinion, a little humility on your part would go a long way. You are too good, way too good, and too smart to not realize this. I'm trying to be fair with you, yet you get attitude about getting caught doing the wrong thing. The rest of the season should be interesting.Eddie, where was the team spirit? I know that we are short-handed, but that's what we knew was coming when I let Andrew go. You don't get to have it both ways, having him gone and then bitching about it. Not everyone is going to notice how hard it is for you guys, but the time to deal with it is after the charter. I'm not saying you were wrong in your assessment at all, the timing is the only thing I question. This was the perfect opportunity to motivate and get your crew to step up as well. The time to talk about the crew and whatever issues we have is with me after the charter is over.

Eddie, you went above and beyond with the pizza. Way to step in and get the job done on a situation that was less than perfect even though it wasn't your job. You were a team player and you got it done. You and the deck crew really stepped up and hit it out of the park. Job well done. I think the pizza, and your outstanding bonfire had more to do with the great tip than anything else. Kudos.

Kelley, you may have kissed her, but you're not sure? Of course you did, bold move, but maybe not the best one. Time will tell. Oh well, now it's out there. It's going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. You, Jennice, and Eddie have really stepped up your game when we needed it the most. Thanks. But you have opened up a can of worms on the personal front, I fear, and from what I see coming down the road, it has me a bit nervous as it may complicate things. I hope not. 


Jennice, your life just got more complicated to be sure, and you are not free of responsibility in this. I'm not entirely sure that Kelley got the wrong message from you. It all looks pretty confusing to me, and I'm not involved. Though I am interested in how this is going to work out for the obvious reasons. Not that it's a bad thing, but what if it complicates life on deck? You have done a good job so far of keeping it separate, but I'm not sure how things will play out with this new development. That aside, you and the rest of the deck crew have done a great job and I appreciate it. Amy got it right. Amy had every right to feel that she was put in a compromising position. We all were. Amy was steady as usual, and I thought she handled herself in her conversation with Kate admirably and stated her case well, and I agreed with her. You handled the guests well, even when your eyes probably got more than they bargained for. Sequined underwear? Really? You dealt with it like a pro. Well done.


Kat called it. The possibility is that he could like it, and as it turned out, he did. Nice call, but I wouldn't have bet the farm on it. Kat also had the best line of the show, "That envelope was almost as big as the penis on his bed!" She puts a smile on my face. Another positive showing from Kat. She worked well, less bitching, better attitude, I loved it.

Ben was Ben. He called Kate on her "artwork" because that's just the way Ben rolls. He's not shy about speaking his mind, sometimes to the dismay of the ones on the receiving end, but at least you know where you stand. Great catch on the "I don't eat red meat" blonde. Good spontaneous comeback! It put her at ease, didn't embarrass her, and made her happy in the end. Well done. You handled it like a pro. That's why I don't worry about the galley.

Until next time, fair winds and calm seas...

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