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What Captain Lee Learned This Season

Find out what the captain thought of his crew and who he would work with in the future. 

By Lee Rosbach

Well Mates,

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Last charter of the season, and it's always a bittersweet time. Going to have to say goodbye to some old friends and some new ones as well, and some I'll just say goodbye to. I look back on this season in wonder. The crew dinner last week was pretty much a fiasco. The claws were out, and how people can just be rude to crew mates without any concern for how it makes other people feel never ceases to amaze me. Really glad this one was better. This charter was a success, but not without speed bumps. So let's get this started. As the season winds down, how is it that the petty behavior is all but forgotten, but is it? Perhaps that's good, but there are lessons here. Now we see sensitive sides of people that we never knew existed, so why now? What changed? People trying to protect their present position or future. Do they think that no one will really remember the mean-spirited comments that were thrown around like so much manure in a horse barn? Well, let's see who remembers what.

Kate, the theme party that you threw was over-the-top. Great job. Impressive, and the guests loved it. I'm just a little curious about your apology to Amy. I thought it was sincere but probably a few weeks late. All of a sudden you do not want to speak negatively about people. You left Amy twisting in the wind on more than one occasion and now that the season is ending, you want to play nice. Better late then never, I suppose. I wonder how you would have reacted had Amy slept in instead of Kat. Just curious. Seems you spent a great deal of time defending Kat's behavior, actually telling her to get up, and then going to take another nap elsewhere in a guest bunk. Wow. I was also a bit curious as to why, if you were so concerned about service, did you not answer your radio, or even have one on for dinner? Then we have an epiphany: Two or three servers actually make things better. Where was that philosophy when you were having a moonlight dinner on the beach, while one of your crew was left to deal with the guests and a birthday party? Must have been part of the epiphany as well. You asked if you'd been rude to Amy, really? Is a 40 lb. robin fat? And all of a sudden you want a constructive conversation. A tad bit late, I fear. Please keep in mind these are just my observations and my opinions. I thought you gave some good advice to Little One, but to just cut out in the middle, because you had a cheese plate calling? Seems she could have used a bit more support, just as Amy could have when confronted about uni, but instead of helping her, you again left her twisting in the breeze. Shame on Amy for not having the proper knowledge about the food, but the effort was there, and I agree with you, you should never deliver plates if you are not informed about the content. I think that your abilities are amazing. You are intelligent, funny, quick witted, and have a great work ethic. I do not think that you performed up to your abilities at all. I, for one, would love to be around when that happens. You showed a portion of the talent you possess on this last episode, but I feel there is so much more. Not sure why it didn't surface, but I know it's there. I would welcome the opportunity to work with the Kate I know is hiding in there somewhere. I really do like you and appreciate the talent you possess.


Kelley, I'm not going to delve into your personal life that much. I just thought that you could have handled the situation with Jennice better. You chased and chased and confided in your sister that you put your heart out there and felt bad that she didn't respond in the way you thought she should. Then when she does respond, you dump her. Just a bit of advice on the matter: Be honest with people about how you feel, even if it makes you uncomfortable. If you sense that things are heading in a direction that you aren't comfortable with (i.e. moving in with each other), let them know that up front. It will make life easier on both of you in the long run. Just ignoring the situation doesn't make it go away, but makes it more awkward when it finally does surface, as you experienced. I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but by not confronting it early on, you made that inevitable. I thought you grew a lot throughout the season, and I hope the lessons learned stay with you and you get some benefit from it. I believe you walked away a better person and crew mate for this experience. I enjoyed having you aboard.


Ben, what can I say? We made it through another one. A bit shaky sometimes, but we made it. Not at all sure why you needed to be reminded of Mr. Slover being at the breakfast table, other than the fact that you were still sleeping at the time. And that, my friend,  is on you. You own that one through and through. You got bailed out, and you made it known to everyone that you appreciated it. That was a class move, unlike sleeping in. I would like to see some things done a bit differently if we are fortunate to work together again, because I have learned as well. Mistakes can make us better, if we learn. As always, I do enjoy working with you, Ben, and hope to again.

Eddie, I appreciate the job you did. You're turning into quite a mate, sir. I think you learned volumes about being in management (Shall I say Full Moon Party?), and I hope it was a good experience for you. You really helped me out this season, and it did not go unnoticed at all. Hope you don't get so caught up in that tug boat scene that you can't make time for a white boat stint with me in the future if you so desire. The pleasure would be mine.

Logan, I think you said it best: You came out of this unscathed, unscarred, and with your dignity and class in tact. Job well done, and I appreciate you coming into a difficult situation and handling it like a pro. Well done, sir, and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again. Spot on about the decision-making process with the stews, as well. Keep that smile going. 

Little One, you can work on my deck crew anytime. Sorry about the way things ended up with Kelley, but it happens. Learn from it, and the next time a situation like that comes up, you will draw from your experience and be better prepared for it. It's not always nice, but sometime the best learning experiences are the painful ones. Nice job all season, and I really enjoyed working with you. Good luck, but with your work ethic and intelligence, you will be just fine. Of that, I'm sure.

Kat, I'm not sure what to say here. I was surprised at a lot of the things that happened this season. I don't think that you handled the Amy thing well at all. It just didn't seem like you, or at least the you I thought I knew. I don't think that you performed up to your potential this season. It wasn't only you, but there wasn't a lot of team work displayed in general, and when you make statements that your crew is upset with you and you don't care, that bothers me. I don't know. It just didn't go the way I had envisioned it at all. The between problems with Eddie on the last charter and the conversation with Kate, it seemed like you just weren't all that into it. If that was the case, I think that was sad. I don't think your heart was really there this season. You have to care and do the right things. It's what we do. It's our jobs, and getting along with crew mates isn't always easy. It takes effort, and I got the sense that you really didn't want to put the effort into it. I still think that there is a ton of potential there, and I hope I'm around when it comes out. Amy didn't deserve the treatment she got and could have used some more support in certain situations, as do we all. That is the time to step up and do the right thing, even if it's uncomfortable.

Amy, I thought that you hung in there well this season. I do think that you contributed to some of the situations that happened to you, as well, and I'm hoping that you learned from those experiences. For example, not all situations need to be solved immediately. They can wait until the job is done. Give it some thought, let it settle down, and deal with it after when clearer heads will prevail. Things always look different in the AM. Some, mind you, not all of the situations could have been avoided and made your life easier. All in all, I thought that you handled yourself well and professionally in some difficult situations. I hope you enjoyed the experience. I know I enjoyed working with you and would do so again.

Now with all that being said, I really didn't care for the pervasive attitude on the yacht. It seemed contagious: the bitching, whining, complaining, prejudging of guests, making fun of them. I promise you that won't happen again. Good natured fun is one thing, malicious is another. We're better than that. Didn't care for that aspect at all. To quote Kate, "We did the best we could with what we had to work with." She doesn't get it. Not for a second. So I have to take responsibility for that. I dropped the ball, it's on me. I, for one, have learned a lot this year, and I can assure you that the lessons I'm taking away from this year will not be wasted. I'm not making excuses. It's not my style. When the season is a rousing success,  the crew gets and deserves the credit. The failure of a season falls squarely on the Captain's shoulders. Did we fail? No, but we could have been better. We got through it, but I don't feel that it was our best effort by any means, and we can and will do better. That being said, as always, I still wouldn't trade my job for anything. I have the best damn job in the world.  As hard as I am on the crew, I take my responsibility very seriously and am passionate about it. So if the stars align, and I'm fortunate to be back for another season, I promise to do my best to ensure you have the best experience  that I and whatever crew I'm blessed with can provide. Until then, fair winds and calm seas. Hope to see you all next season if there is one and I'm fortunate to be back for it. Thanks to all of you for all your support. Goodbyes are tough, so I'll just say until next time.

Captain Lee

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