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Kate Answers Your Burning Blanket Fold Questions

Get Kate Chastain's thoughts on the long, hard debacle. Has a charter guest ever hurt your feelings as much as Dean?
Kate Chastain: Despite what Captain Lee politely implied in the wheelhouse to me, prior to Dean I have NEVER been told by a guest that I come off as “bitchy” (at least they’ve never said it to my bitchy resting face). I have experienced plenty of inappropriate and borderline degrading behavior from guests before, but nothing that made me feel as humiliated as Dean’s comments. It wasn’t even what he said that bothered me so much, but the manner in which he delivered the message. The way he sent for me, built it up to be a friendly invitation to join them for a shot, and then fired off a round of insults thinly veiled as constructive criticisms…all while I was standing there profusely apologizing. It felt abusive, unnecessary, and quite frankly cruel. To be made an object of ridicule and then ordered to turn around and serve them drinks felt like a violation of my basic human rights at the time. 

[video_clip_url:] Have you ever used your blanket folding techniques to get revenge prior to this? Was this the first time you had made a scandalous blanket fold?
KC: I have never used my blanket folding to get revenge prior to this, mostly because I’ve never had to. Walking into the master stateroom I was simply planning on doing the anchor as usual, but the next thing I knew I had made…something else. I had never even made that shape with a blanket before in my life, it just came to me, and it was perfect on the first try. I was actually really proud of how perfect it was -- there was just something about it that felt so right to me. It felt like a huge stroke of genius had come over me and the result was now proudly on display on Dean’s duvet. Maybe it was a ballsy move, but I never thought everyone would get such a rise out of my handiwork. It wasn’t a long or hard process to erect my rocket ship blanket. Actually, of all my blanket folds that was one of the easiest -- a real quickie! Part of me meant it to be a joke, a gag gift for my charter guest soul mate. I knew Dean would appreciate my blanket fold as much as I did. I mean, after all I was one of his bitches now! Obviously that was a term of endearment, because there was no way anyone would ever say that in an actually serious way to someone serving them on a boat for the next three days. Dean and I were just on that level now -- homies, buddies, amigos, best beotches foreva. The only people that had a hard time with the rocket ship were some of the crew. They were so concerned with just the tip, and how I was blowing it for everyone. Ben even said I was nuts, which was a real shocker, because he’s usually the one being a little cocky. Honestly I think they all just had rocket ship What were you thinking when Captain Lee confronted you about the incident? 
KC: My rocket ship had already been rigorously mass-debated by my fellow crewmembers and their concern was starting to quickly rub off on me. I couldn’t escape the incessant back and forth in our tight quarters down below, so I had a strong feeling I had it coming, and unfortunately it was much sooner than I had hoped. Deep inside I knew I would eventually have to face this head on, because it was only going to get harder the longer I waited. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too painful, I was still emotionally exhausted from Dean’s oratorical pounding the day before. A girl can only take so much. While our yacht seamen’s pillars are for the most part firm and well rounded, there were no hard and fast rules dictating blanket shapes, which thankfully left a little room for ambiguity. This rocket ship could actually go either way I figured, all depending on Captain Lee and Dean’s moods at the time. I hoped they were feeling jovial and open-minded. This was my first rocket ship, and it came to me in a moment of heated passion, so even I wasn’t quite sure how best to handle it…naturally I was a little nervous. I’m pretty sure if Captain Lee looks back into the annals of his salty past, even he has never had to take a firm grasp of something like this on any vessels under him before, and I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the entire undertaking. One thing was clear, the seeds of humor from my rocket ship did not flow onto the Captain as I hoped they would, in fact he remained quite rigid in his position, only wanting to probe into the issue deeper with practically every crew member and possibly some of the guests. That was the last thing I wanted to do, so it was extremely awkward for me, as one could imagine. I was almost hoping for some kind of emergency before it was my turn to go up into the wheelhouse, a premature evacuation of the yacht being my only hope for release from the rocket ship’s aftershock. 

[video_clip_url:] How hard was it to apologize to Dean?
KC: It was very hard. Painfully hard. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while, which is saying a lot. However, I didn’t want my other crew members to get the shaft in the end just because I couldn’t suck it up with Dean for a few minutes (even if had to fake it). Right before our rendezvous I had a few moments of breathless anticipation, but then I cleared my throat, swallowed my pride, and hoped he would say there were no hard feelings, or that at the very least that he wouldn’t hold any hard feelings against me. Luckily, my quick but cunning oral performance was well received. Dean seemed satisfied at the time, but part of me wonders if he was faking it as well, because although I went through all the expected motions the encounter was disappointingly anti-climactic. We didn’t even hug Was this the most difficult charter you've ever had to work?
KC: The charter itself wasn’t actually that difficult aside from when I was humiliated to the point of tears, my crew was yelling at me, and I thought I was getting fired for making a suggestive rocket ship…but other than that it wasn’t that bad. The guests were fun and friendly, and I don’t think a single person ordered a mojito. What did you learn from this charter?
KC: From this charter I learned the value of clear communication. Whether in blanket folding, speaking to employees, serving charter guests, or even body language, sometimes the message we are sending gets lost in translation and the recipient of the message may decipher something completely unintended, so it's important to be mindful in our interactions with others and beware of unintended innuendos. I never meant to communicate to the guests anything but professional and unobtrusive service, but they perceived that as bitchy. And maybe Dean didn’t mean, “You’re kind of bitchy, now go make us drinks,” in a mean way, I just misinterpreted that as verbal assault and celebrated ridicule. My bad. Luckily everything worked out in the end. Oh and I also learned I can make a perfect penis blanket in less than 60 seconds, just in case. You know, for bachelorette parties.

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