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Kelley on Clicking with Jennice

Kelley Johnson dishes on the flirtation with Jennice and the scary swing incident. How do you stay in shape during charter season? Do you work out on the boat?
Kelley Johnson: I get this question a lot, and yes, I do work out on the boat. What you have to take into the calculation is the work you are doing on the boat. The labor is very physical, so that in itself is a workout.  I try to work out three days in a row with a day of rest following.  Sometimes you have to take more of a break depending on how demanding the charter is. If anyone is interested in starting to work out on the boat, just remember you have to give your body the fuel to do it. You are already in a demanding job, and you are demanding more of it. So eat more and it will help counteract what you are putting your body through. Was there a lot of sexual tension with Jennice right off the bat?
KJ: No, there wasn't a lot of sexual tension, it was more of just a closeness. It was easy being around her. It was simple, and I felt very comfortable. It's like I had known her for a long time. I rarely click with someone like that right away, and it was great she was my roommate. I had someone in very close quarters that I didn't have to be on edge with. It's like being able to come home after a long day of work and not dealing with a stranger. Was your girlfriend OK with you potentially hooking up with other girls during this charter season?
KJ: No, and I would not be OK with it myself. I have a strong moral code. She knows I am a very flirty person, but I would never cross the line without ending the relationship I am in.  But just hugging Jennice is not crossing the line, I was not thinking of hooking up with her at this point. She was someone who understood the B.S. that we deal with on deck. She could provide a different outlook on things, and I enjoyed the time we spent together. Did you think Captain Lee was going to send Andrew home when he was giving out the tips?
KJ: Did I think he was going home? No. Was I wishing he was going home? Yes. He was really causing a tear in the peace within the "family" our crew was developing. We were strong, but he was our weakest link. He's not a bad guy, he just is not ready for this work. We need a strong cohesive unit, and he was not adding anything good to the Were you annoyed that Andrew got a full share of the tip?
KJ: Yes, we all were annoyed, but the Captain made it very clear that everyone would receive an equal share of the tip. So I was already expecting it. Not surprised, but definitely not happy. We all worked very hard during that charter, and there were times where we couldn't find Andrew for thirty minutes.  It was like chasing down a puppy that was being distracted by butterflies. What we really needed was a police dog, who knew what to do and when to do it. Why did you get so emotional when talking to your sister Amy?
KJ: My sister is a sensitive subject. Especially when we talk about our childhood. She was my guardian through some very rough times. She always told me that she feels like she let me down by not being there for me. Truthfully, she was what kept me sane during the really hard times. She was my solid foundation in a crazy world. She made sure I got to school, she made sure I had food, she cared for me in a time when my parents couldn't fully care. It seems like a crazy thing to say, but she was my world. To think that she thinks she let me down is mind shattering. She went above and beyond what a girl her age should have to do. I lost that amazingly strong girl from my life for many years, and to have her back brought back a lot of emotions, and still does. I am grateful to have her in my life the way I do, and it's all thanks to being on the show together. I love you, Amy!

[video_clip_url:] How did you manage to fall off the swing?
KJ: It all happened so quickly, that all I can remember is feeling the sensation of leaning back too far and trying to correct myself by pulling up on the swing. I am not sure if the girls were pulling on my shoulders for balance, but in the end it was my own pulling on the seat that flipped us. What was the first thing that went through your mind when you fell off the swing? How painful was your fall?
KJ: When I fell off the swing, I remember losing my vision and the feelings in my hands and arms. Which scared the living hell out of me, but the fear receded once my vision came back. It wasn't all that painful even though I knew I hit hard. I remember checking my head for blood, and then running through a check on my body, making sure I could feel and move everything. The feeling in my hands took a bit longer than my vision to come back, which was worrying but has happened before. I'm a guy though, so what I really meant to say is that I came out better than the concrete steps... I bashed them up pretty good. It was definitely a scary moment, and not the impression I wanted to make with the captain and my new crew members.

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