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What's Andrew Doing Now?

Find out which crew members Andrew Sturby keeps in touch with and where he's currently working. Were you surprised that the crew was hoping you'd be let go?
Andrew Sturby: No I wasn't surprised the crew wanted me to be let go. I would have wanted the same, had I been in their position. The Ohana was no place for someone who was not used to intensive labor jobs to cut their teeth on. There is too much to be done with too little time to adjust to the demanding work setting and to learn the job. In my defense, had I been a LOT less anxious, I could have adapted more quickly. What was your first thought when Captain Lee let you go?
AS: I was crushed. My first thought was, "Oh my God... I wanted to redeem myself more than anything and I'm being let go. The dream of winning my crew's respect is over."

[video_clip_url:] Who would you say you were closest with on the yacht? Do you still keep in touch with anyone?
AS: I was closest to Ben. We had our spats, but at the end of the day, Ben and I understood each other. He wasn't thrilled that I lied to get onto the boat, but he would encourage me and help me calm my nerves. Ben is an expert health coach, so that made his presence for me at that time a plus. I have since spoken to Ben, Capt. Lee, Kelley, Eddie, Amy, and Jennice. What have you been up to since working on the Ohana?
AS: Since the Ohana, I did day work at Derecktor shipping yards here in Florida and eventually found my way to another deckhand position, on a 116' 0" yacht. The captain on that boat, unfortunately, had different goals from the owner who hired me to be trained. This captain refused to "teach" me what I had left to learn about docking the boat, leaving the dock, operating the anchor, and other general job requirements. He nagged the owner that he deserved a seasoned deckhand and caused my dismissal. In need of immediate work, I found an opening as a server/bartender. The job went well and I have since become a certified bartender through a school.

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