Amy Johnson: This Job May Not Be a Good Fit for Rocky

Amy Johnson: This Job May Not Be a Good Fit for Rocky

Amy explains why her patience is starting to run out. 

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Amy Brings Rocky to Tears How were you feeling about the Kate and Leon drama at this point?

Amy Johnson: I'm just totally over it. Regardless of how much Kate and Leon dislike each other, they still have to work together. The tension between them is making our work environment very uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if sharp kitchen utensils start flying across the galley at any moment... Would you want to work another charter season with Kelley again?

AJ: Absolutely! One of my favorite things about last season was getting to work with my brother. I would love the opportunity to work another charter season with him! What was going through your mind when Rocky was not being receptive to your advice?

AJ: I'm starting to think this job may not be a good fit for Rocky. It's really frustrating that she is annoyed and unreceptive to the help I'm offering for the nightly duties she is solely responsible for. At this point, I feel like I've had to hold her hand this entire season, and I'm starting to lose my patience. Were you surprised by Rocky's reaction when you confronted her about it

AJ: Yes, I am surprised by Rocky's reaction. Although I'm frustrated with Rocky, my heart goes out to her--I know she is overwhelmed with the job. I want her to do well and finish this season out. I'm just at a loss on how to help her do that. All my efforts to help her have backfired and only made things worse. 

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