Captain Lee: How Did We Get Through This Charter?

Captain Lee: How Did We Get Through This Charter?

Captain Lee Rosbach has some concerns about Dane and Chef Leon.

We got through this charter successfully, but for the life of me I am having a hard time figuring out how. We have had great guests (including these guests), and we keep dodging bullets that are being fired out of our own gun. I am really running out of adjectives to describe what is happening with the crew. The crew is getting a day off because of the feedback the owner is getting from the charter guests. I hope that that will translate to resolving some of the issues we are having. We will see how it plays out.

At the preference sheet meeting, I thought that I made it perfectly clear that this charter was going to revolve around food; I mentioned it not once, but several times. Did my point get across? I think not. Leon should have been on the phone ordering extra items immediately after the preference sheet meeting, so we don’t run the risk of not having it when we do need it. But it wasn’t done and I can’t figure out why not.

So, let’s get down to it. As a whole, the crew, when they were above deck, performed well and the guests were well taken care of in spite of the weather and some of the crew’s best efforts to derail things.

Dane, OK, you are signed, sealed and delivered. After viewing your behavior this episode I definitely have some concerns. I thought maybe giving you something important to do might wake you up a bit. It’s times like this that I am grateful that my cabin is directly behind the wheelhouse so I can keep an eye on things. And of course you didn’t disappoint. You were told not to leave the wheelhouse, and first thing you are down socializing with the stews that are trying to do their jobs while you, my friend, are not. So let’s move on to your next conquest, moving the Jet Ski into position so we can load it. Should be fairly simple. After running it into the side of the boat and damaging both the ski and the yacht, you hook up the lifting device backwards, twice. And from the display in the crew mess after the charter is over, your lack of social graces is only trumped by your bad decisions. Amy asked why you were being so stupid, and I second that. We all know how I feel about stupid. I would think that your future in yachting, much less on this yacht, is not looking all that promising if you keep that behavior up. I see some very interesting events happening in your immediate future, and not any of them good.

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Dane's Partying Goes Too Far

Rocky, don’t get off track right when you’re coming around. You have made so much progress. When the chef does his best to disrupt any semblance of harmony we might have, you think it’s great. Really? Don’t embrace that in a positive fashion, just for your own vindication with Kate. It’s all about the team on a boat, and the needs of our guests, not your own. Don’t align yourself with the discord Leon is causing.

So let’s talk about Leon. Never have I seen such talent wasted in my opinion. The tasting menu didn’t go as it should have, and it was only the combination of good food and service that pulled it out in the end. When we had the preference meeting, you knew that this charter was revolving around food. So why did you not order extra so that you had plenty on board to work with? Why wait until we left the dock and have a day go by to do that? You’re then forced to scramble to try and pull it together, thus putting everyone in the crew at a disadvantage. The day of the meal is not the day to get on the boat phone and try to get what you need. Your lack of planning was what caused the problem; then when confronted with your mistake, you got defensive and really just made yourself look incredibly inept at getting along with anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You have even managed to alienate Amy, who loves and gets along with everyone. That’s a tall order.

What was the reason you didn’t wear a chef’s coat when you came out to address the guests? You told Kate you didn’t feel like it, and it depends on how you feel, right? But that is not how charter work goes. You don’t want to make midnight snacks for the guests, you make muffins out of a mix, and give everyone a hard time all while espousing how you don’t care. That certainly is a newsflash to me. If you keep insisting on wanting to do things your way, you just may get your wish.

Chef Leon Lays into Kate

Connie, you are still doing well, and I’m pleased with your job on board. OK, substituting peanut butter for whipped cream is not what I had in mind. Putting yourself on display in front of drunken Dane was not your best move either, that could have gone pear shaped really quick, but I feel that you realize that now. So keep up the good work, and no more peanut butter or whipped cream. Are there any other substances in there I need to worry about?

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It's Peanut Butter Bikini Time Below Deck

Eddie, I realize that you are having issues at home, and you seem to have put them in their place for the time being. At least I hope so. You had a good week this week for the most part. But what I see on the horizon does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The situation between you and Rocky seems to be escalating, and I’m not sure that is an altogether good idea. I see nothing good coming from you and her getting involved. You may be going down a road that may prove difficult to recover from, personally and professionally. I hope the light goes on, before it too late. Stay focused, my friend.

Amy, you had another great week. It’s a shame that the good service that you provide came close to being compromised by the lack of attention and planning in the galley. But you came through it, as expected, and did a good job of making it work anyhow. That’s what a pro does, and makes it look easy. Well done.

Emile, I thought you had a good week, and it seems to me that you are making good progress on the maturation front, especially where Rocky is concerned. I noticed no cheesy lines this week, well done. You were focused and didn’t let anything distract you from doing your job well. Not sure how things are going to work out with you and Dane, but I don’t think it will be long before we find out. Keep up the good progress, sir.

Kate, I thought that the way you tried to work things out with Leon was admirable. You didn’t confront him in a crowd, it was one-on-one and you were simply trying to get everything on the same page for the benefit of the guests. I do believe he was unnecessarily rude, when in my opinion he got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. It’s a situation, I fear, I will have to get involved in if it doesn’t get better. As you well know we have much more work in front of us. Thank you as well for trying to help Dane out. I would have much rather seen Eddie handle that, but thank you for the effort. The job you and Amy are doing is a bright spot, and I appreciate it.

Well, there you have it. It was a good week for the guests, but the crew seems to have something simmering just beneath the surface. It seems like the boiling point is not far behind. Until next week thank you. May you have fair winds and calm seas in your world.

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