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Captain Lee on the Rocky and Eddie Debacle

Captain Lee Rosbach wasn't pleased with Rocky telling the crew or Eddie blaming the whole affair on Rocky.

By Lee Rosbach
How Did Rocky and Eddie Keep Their Hook Up Secret?

Well, here we are peeps, the last charter of the season and it’s shaping up to be a doozy. We have massive meltdowns of epic proportions and some things even I didn’t see coming. Somehow I feel that the only predictable thing about this charter is going to be its unpredictability. So before this ship leaves without us, let’s just hop right into it.

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Rocky, I had such hope for you. All you have to do to finish well is your job and just let things be. But that is not going to be the case from the looks of it. First you are going to make sure you tie Emile up into such an emotional knot that it may take months of therapy to unravel him. Poor guy can’t concentrate on his job to the point he almost hurts himself. He’s not getting on well with any of his crewmates any longer. He’s lashing out at people that don’t really deserve it and all because he wants to be your knight in shining armor. I get it – you’re tired, you have been wronged, you’re losing your mind, you can’t take it anymore. But then to go and tell Amy, when you knew she had a minor crush on Eddie? Now you’ve hurt two people’s feelings while trying to get the sympathy you feel you deserve. Do you think that Amy really wanted to hear how great sex was with Eddie? Not appropriate with your coworker. I’m just glad Leon isn’t here to pour more gas on this out of control fire by informing the crew about your affair with Eddie. I worry I may have erred in letting you stay on board after your jump overboard.

Emile, I am continuously amazed how you let Rocky lead you down the primrose path. She gets you all fired up by telling you something that I feel you really didn’t want to hear about. You then proceed to alienate almost all of your crewmates because of Rocky. She hurt you, I get that, but you continue to allow her to do so. You may be her friend, but she certainly isn’t putting your feelings first. Your lack of attention to your job, because you are preoccupied, almost got you hurt. In my mind you deserve better than that. You did recover enough to do a good job with the guests, and for that I am grateful. I just want the best for you and you need to wake up and smell the coffee, pal, before it gets worse. But trust me, putting your misplaced loyalty to Rocky in the forefront can only bring you trouble.

Eddie, I’m glad that you seem to be handling your Bosun’s obligations better on board. I would like to see you put this thing with Rocky behind you, but I fear this is not the last we hear of a really bad situation that seems to be taking on a life of its own. The only two people that can resolve this are you and Rocky. It doesn’t seem like you two are up to that task yet. This has all the earmarks of a catastrophe I fear. I don’t think that placing all the blame on Rocky is the correct way to handle this. If you guys were playing hide the bologna, it usually takes two where I come from. Just saying. I’m hoping for the best for you both, and I guess we will find out.

Kate, good job staying above the fray and just concentrating on the charter guests. You and Ben seem to be getting on well, and the little speed bumps that you have encountered seem to be handled really well by you both. Well done and keep in mind, this is the last one. I know you will finish up strong. Love the great vibe coming from the galley and the stew department right now. Oh and great line when you said maybe Ben could get up early and make eggs benny for Rocky. Loved it.

Connie, love the way you handled the insult you received from Emile. No screaming or overreacting at all. Just all business. Well done there, but tell me what did you do to get called up to the bridge by me and with a witness present? Sounds ominous, but I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out why.

Ben, great to have you back. You have certainly improved the atmosphere in the galley. I guess you figured out that taking up for Rocky didn’t get you any points with your chief stew. Have to work that one out on your own, and I know you will. Great job in the galley. Also a really great recovery on the blown breakfast. You really pulled that one out gracefully. Well-done sir. Love all the playful banter in the galley; the mood has improved significantly since your return.

Chef Ben Shades Chef Leon

David, you are doing exactly what I expected of you when I brought you back. You take care of your duties without a complaint, help out where needed and when needed, without being concerned about whether it’s your department or not. Way to be a team player and I just want you to know your stellar efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thanks.

Amy, I am sorry that Rocky got you involved in what should have remained a personal matter. I know that it wasn’t easy for you to hear all that, but in your usual style, you handled it with grace. Nice job with the guests and assessing the situation and acting accordingly again. You do that with such ease. I loved the little collection of sayings that they put together on you. I thought it was the cutest ever.

Amy Johnson's Best Outtakes

Oh and you get the award for best line of the night when you told Rocky that you figured she was crazy the minute she stripped down and dove off the boat half naked. Loved it. It was good week for you all around.

OK guys, you have my take on how I thought things played out this week. Next week is the end of the charter, end of our season, and I doubt that you will be disappointed. More surprises in store for us all next week. So please join me once again on Eros for our finale. Until then fair winds and following seas for you all.

Capt. Lee

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