Captain Lee Rosbach: Dane Embarrassed Himself and the Crew

Captain Lee Rosbach: Dane Embarrassed Himself and the Crew

Captain Lee Rosbach dishes on Dane's departure and the laundry room incident.

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Captain Lee Rosbach Fires Dane

OK, what a great group of charter guests these guys were. They impressed me with their attitudes about life, work, and just getting along with each other as friends and coworkers. Some of this, I hope, rubs off on my crew. But it’s going to take everyone getting along for that to happen. It’s up to me to pull them together or make some changes.

So let’s analyze some very different and bizarre behavior this week. Some of the crew continue to impress me and others have been measured, weighed, and found wanting.

Let’s get this Dane thing out of the way quickly. I really do not have any use for that sort of behavior. I have given you ample opportunity to redeem yourself and you totally dropped the ball. I’m sure that the crew was very pleased with the way you totally ruined everyone’s day off at the resort. How does one person single handedly do that? You sir, embarrassed yourself, the yacht, and the crew, which you fortunately are no longer a part of. I really do hope you get the help you so obviously need and wish you the best.

Eddie Confronts Dane

Rocky, I’m really hoping for a change in your attitude. I am really saddened by your behavior. Had I walked up behind you while you were cheering Leon’s bad behavior, you would have accompanied Dane on his flight home. You should certainly not be egging Leon on to be as disruptive as he can just to get back at Kate for a perceived injustice she’s committed in wanting you to do your job. Wow is all I can say. In what world do you think that’s acceptable behavior? As far as hooking up with Eddie, I don’t have an issue with what consenting adults do, as long as it doesn’t affect the whole vibe on the yacht, but I really do not see a good ending to this at all. To be fair, Eddie bares as much responsibility here, if not more than you do, because he is in management after all and should behave as such. All that being said, nice call on the mermaid outfit; your focus should always be on what you were hired to do, pleasing the guests.

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Eddie Lucas and Rocky Dakota Do "Laundry"

Amy, I thought that you had a good week this week. I thought that you did have a revelation as far as Leon is concerned and finally got to see what Kate has had to contend with. I applaud your effort to try and reach out to Leon, even though it fell on deaf ears. I was disappointed that you felt put in the middle, I didn’t see it that way and it caught me off guard. After all, it was the department that you work in that is affected most by Leon and his refusal to even try to get along with anyone other than Rocky. But that being said, all in all another strong week for you.

Amy Questions Chef Leon's Attitude

Kate, I would like to commend you for continually taking the high road with Leon and his extremely unprofessional behavior and attitude. You keep extending the olive branch and he keeps breaking it off. I thought that you had a stellar week this week. I do want to thank you for keeping your composure and keeping it professional. Nice job with the masseuse and rose petals for their special day. Well done and you have my gratitude.

OK, let’s deal with Leon. Wasted talent, and I find that a damn shame. I really do. What is it that you find so distasteful about your job that you just can’t get it right? You serve at the pleasure of the guests. In the preference meeting, we went over protein shakes, and the primary told you again that they wanted protein shakes, and you went straight into plain protein both times. I asked you to order protein shakes, not, as Amy put it, geriatric supplements for meals. Not protein, but protein shakes. I really believe you didn’t know what they were. No harm in not knowing, but big time fault in not knowing and pretending that you do. It appears to me that Kate has gone out of her way to at least be civil to you, and you jump right to an aggressive attitude. Watched you do the same thing with Amy as well. Maybe it’s with people you think you can roll over? The only time Kate spoke to you that you didn’t get aggressive was when I was standing there. I agree, good time to bite your tongue. So what if they didn’t like the scallops, not everyone will, but maybe you should have asked first and then cooked -- wow what a concept. And what’s with not wanting to see these “f---ing assholes?” Really? All they wanted was to pay you a compliment. You should feel badly about that. You have stated in the last two preference sheet meetings that the requests were “too easy.” If it’s “too easy,” why are you having a hard time with it? What I am having a hard time with is justifying your presence on board much longer if things don’t change.

Eddie, I really don’t know what to say. I really feel badly about this mess that, I feel, you are creating. You are not living up to the standards that I think you should. I’m really at a loss for words, and that is something that doesn’t happen to me frequently. You hook up with Rocky not once but twice, and somehow you think this is not going to cause you problems. I just hope it doesn’t bite you in the ass, but I’m not confident in that. Enough about that.

Now, as far as your handling of the situation with Dane, I feel you handled that well and didn’t let it get to the point where it got physical or someone got hurt, and you did your best to protect the integrity of the yacht. Well done. One word of advice for future reference, there is no reasoning with someone who is that drunk, so your words for him fell on totally deaf ears; next time save your breath and the stress that comes with it. The boat is looking good and the docking and undocking procedures are really good this week. Well done.

Emile, you sir had a strong week. Your skills are getting better and better as time goes on, and it’s good to see you making such strides. No cheesy lines this week, kudos to you. Don’t blame you for taking another run at Rocky, sometimes when you strike out, it’s not bad to step up to the plate one more time. But I really do think it may be time to toss the towel in on this one given what has happened between Rocky and Eddie. Keep up the good work, Emile, you’re doing well.

OK, let’s get to Connie, right when I think we are done with peanut butter, whipped cream, and the like, we move on to hair extensions. I can see right now that I am going to have to expand my thought process to include things that I never in a million years would have thought of. I can see you are going to keep me on my toes, Connie. It’s a good thing that you are a good deckhand, but just a word to the wise, please don’t take it too far -- the edge is close. Now that I’ve spoken my piece on that, you had a great week as well. Your skill set is developing nicely and you get on well with your crewmates. Keep it up and you will have a bright future in this industry should you so desire.

Now, let’s chat about the bubble bath. You are probably thinking that I would come apart like a cheap suit if I found out about it. Not so quick to judge. I really didn’t see the harm there. We work very hard, and when some harmless fun can be had, I’m all for it. You guys didn’t harm anything on the yacht, had some laughs that were probably needed and a bit of fun, and you cleaned up your own mess. No problem from me, glad the three of you had some fun together.

OK peeps, there you have my take on this past week. Like I said in the beginning, I hope some of the good things I saw from our charter guests this week would rub off on our crew, and time will tell the tale on that one. We now have an interesting dynamic building with Eddie, Rocky, and Emile. Wow, so until next week, fair winds and calm seas to you all.

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