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Captain Lee Rosbach: The Housewives Were Gracious and Fun

Captain Lee Rosbach dishes on having the #RHOA ladies as guests.

The #RHOA Ladies Have a New African Prince...

OK, wow what a difference a day (and a couple of crew members) makes, right? Before I get into the whole new crew dynamic, I need to say a word about this week’s charter guests. When I was told it was the Housewives of Atlanta, my first thought was we might be understaffed. I could not have been more wrong. These ladies were just so pleasant and easy to get on with. They were gracious and fun. Give me more guests like these ladies, and I’ll break into my happy dance.

Now let’s get into the crew situation and how it, in my opinion, has changed for the better. The whole dynamic has improved. Here’s hoping it continues that way.

Ben is his usual witty self and just a pleasure to have in the galley. The whole atmosphere has turned around 180 degrees. Ben can compete with Kate in the wit department, and it’s always fun to watch. It doesn’t have the mean, malicious spirit that was present before. It’s more of a playful banter. Plus he does have the advantage of having worked with most of us before, so he knows what I expect and what he can expect from everyone else. Ben is more than competent in the galley, and doesn’t come apart when the program changes. He may act like it’s the end of the world, but he really does have a handle on it all. I just hope he doesn’t drink the Kool Aid that I feel Rocky may be about to serve up. Hope its not true, but I’ll have to wait and see. Ben said it best, he is there to make people happy, and he works at it.

Kate, I know how relieved you are to have a reasonably happy atmosphere in which to work. I love the way you and Ben get on and the atmosphere in the galley will be contagious, especially with the addition of Dave as well. Great job, Kate, in keeping the ladies entertained and happy, especially with not being able to leave the dock for the first day.

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Eddie, you seem to have seen the light. Mistakes you made, you’ve admitted and owned. Well done. Now to the task at hand, your job, and you seem to have the focus back that I once feared was gone. I’m not so sure that your fling with Rocky is going to go quietly into the night and disappear. You may think it’s your secret, but I’m not so sure that’s the case. I think that it will continue to haunt you for a bit anyway. I know that having Dave back will help you out a great deal even on an emotional level. It’s nice to have people to work with that you know and can trust. You’re back on track sir, and I’m glad to have you there. But beware.

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Connie, you did your usual great job. Way to step up with the cat routine. I don’t feel you earned any points with Emile and your critique of Rocky though. Not that it made a difference to you, nor should it. Continue on the present course and you get kudos from me for keeping your clothes on this week. Well done.

Connie Calls Out Rocky

Rocky, let’s deal with your situation now. The ice is still thin as far as I’m concerned. This is the quietest I have ever seen you. You are not happy, and I was not happy with your performance last week. I hope that you just put on blinders, put the past where it belongs, and go to work. I have every intention of leaving you to do so and seeing how you respond. We only have two charters to go. But now after seeing you in action once again, I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. I’m hoping I don’t regret my decision to keep you here. If the previews are any indication, I may be in trouble once again, but I’m hoping that you prove me wrong.

Emile, you had a good charter. You impressed the ladies. They were quite smitten with you and justifiably so. Good job. It’s what I saw with you and Rocky and your private conversations that give me reason to pause. If you have to whisper, then what you are saying is probably better left unsaid. What good do you think will come of you encouraging her to behave in a disruptive way? Your good intentions may be misplaced again, but let’s just see how it all plays out. I’m hoping for the best.

Amy, you seemed to really enjoy the Housewives being on board, and it showed. Your enthusiasm was really contagious, and it was great. The atmosphere you helped create was just delightful. You had a great charter and again you have my thanks.
Dave, how great it is to have you back. You are the stabilizing effect in the whole mix. Your calm demeanor is as contagious as Amy’s enthusiasm. So even keeled and even tempered. You are just what I needed here and exactly when I needed it. Thanks, pal. It’s a pleasure to have you aboard.

Well there you have it peeps. It was a week to stop and take a breath and regroup. The Housewives were just the charter that we needed, and the crew changes were definitely for the better. So now let’s see how it all plays out. Until next week, fair winds and following seas to you all.

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