Emile: Rocky Was Definitely Not for Me

Emile: Rocky Was Definitely Not for Me

Emile Kotze dishes on his date with Rocky Dakota and explains why he has trouble closing the deal.

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Emile and Rocky's Painfully Awkward Date

Bravotv.com: Were you relieved that Don quit?
Emile Kotze: It was destined that Don would quit or be fired if he didn’t change his attitude and work relations. It definitely came as a relief; I have never in my career had so much interference while doing my job on deck. It gave me space to just put my head down and work.

The Crew Reacts to Don's Departure

Bravotv.com: Were you nervous about your date with Rocky?
EK: I was a bit nervous going on a date with Rocky, since she seems to be a loose cannon, but I wanted to see if she had any real depth and if she was worth any effort. I started to sense that Rocky was not a very sincere girl and hoped I was wrong, because I saw a lot of good qualities in her as well. That's why I wanted to get to know her personally off the boat where I thought she would not just be putting on a show for other people.
Bravotv.com: How do you think the date went?
EK: I realized that I did not relate to Rocky and that she was definitely not for me -- she is too much of a revolving door. It’s all about her, and she can't say one good thing about anybody expect herself. She also can't take any advice (self-improvement), but hands it out all the time. Most importantly she does not get my sense of humor, haha! I am actually really deep, yet lighthearted at the same time. I'm not the best with closing because, when I get to know the girl for who she is, it just feels wrong...

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