Ep 4: I Don't Date, I Mate

Ep 4: I Don't Date, I Mate

Season 3 |
Aired: September 15, 2015
| tv-14 |

In spite of being a man down with Don’s departure, Eddie and the rest of the deckhands feel relieved and stronger than ever. When primary guest Dean suggests a crew dive contest, the Eros team willingly obliges and Rocky breaks out her beloved mermaid tail to lure Dean and his guests into the sea. Meanwhile, Kate continues to question Leon's yachtie credentials after he tells her he’s worked on a cruise liner. Eddie, on the other hand, has trouble at home and begins to realize that holding a long-distance relationship while working on a yacht can be challenging. As one relationship struggles, another one begins when Emile decides to take Rocky out on an unforgettable date.

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