Captain Lee Says "Bye, Felicia" to Trevor

Captain Lee Says "Bye, Felicia" to Trevor

Captain Lee shares his thoughts on Trevor's dismissal and Kelley's peacocking.

Well this looks like the episode a lot of people were waiting to see. The proverbial sh-- has hit the fan.

Trevor has finally got on my last good nerve. It appears that Trevor, our narcissistic hair model, has finally let his mouth write a check that his a-- is incapable of cashing. Now keep in mind he got away with one when Emily didn’t turn him in for drinking on charter, and he still managed to screw this up. He obviously can’t drink without stopping until he hits the bottom of the bottle. Sad commentary for someone his age. He is still blaming everyone for his bad misconduct. Remind you of anyone? Won’t accept any responsibility for his actions. I could get specific about his bad behavior, but I don’t have the space in this blog to list all the infractions, besides, you saw it all yourself. Trevor, you didn’t make very good use of all the rope you were given, except to fashion your own noose. Bye, Felicia.

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Captain Lee Rosbach Asks Trevor Walker to Leave

Now this charter is going to be a challenge I feel. Odd dinner conversation to start with. And we have one person who doesn’t like anything and they want to start out with a 12-course tasting dinner. Not an easy thing to do and do well in a yacht galley with all the restrictions being placed on the chef.

Speaking of the chef, Ben, did you seriously want to give Trevor another chance? Obviously I agreed with Kate on that one, because he needed to be gone before he could totally destroy whatever chemistry we have this season. On the 12-course dinner, I agree with you that the guests don’t have any idea of what it takes to prepare a 12-course meal, along with the time involved and in such a small space without much help. I did, however think you could have been a bit nicer or more diplomatic in dealing with Sierra. She was nervous, but I feel you were the catalyst for that. I do understand the pressure put on you, but you’re a pro, you should be able to handle it. She’s the rookie. I’m not giving her a pass, just saying you could have made her feel better during the prep stages, as opposed to trying to make it up to her after, that’s all. As far as I was concerned, you knocked the 12-course dinner out of the park. Good job.

Moving on to Kelley. Just a couple of things I would like to point out. I thought that you handled Trevor well, but I thought you spent too much time trying to reason with a drunk person. I know he hit a sore spot with his tasteless comments about departed servicemen, but he was drunk and that’s what they do -- make baseless asinine statements. That is something you will learn, you can’t argue or reason with people in that stae. Just ends up frustrating you like it did. Kind of like pissing into the wind, it usually gets messy.

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Trevor Walker Crosses the Line with Kelley Johnson

Oh, and what’s with the sitting around with Em and Nico with your shirt off. Seriously? I almost fell out of my seat when you did that. You’re a bosun, not a peacock. And you two geniuses didn’t think that Emily saw exactly what you two were up to? She had you both nailed from the jump. Funny stuff though.

Nico, you should watch out or you’re going to trip over your tongue. You two are going to be fun to watch, no doubt. Came close to going over the line with Trevor, but glad to see that you just went up to it and not over. I know it’s tough, but then we would have had two plane tickets used up instead of one. Oh, and a little late with the Jacuzzi, but at least you owned your mistake and didn’t try to push it off on someone else. No harm, no foul on that one.

Em, you did your usual great job this week. How does it feel to have two young bucks banging antlers over you? I find it quite amusing myself and can’t wait to see what sort of silliness they pull trying to get your attention.

Sierra, I really keep trying to understand you, and the harder I try, the behinder I get. I don’t know if “behinder” is a word, but it’s my blog, so I’m going with it. I mean, you had one salad to make so that Carolina could be occupied while the rest of the courses were being served, and you didn’t get it to her until the fourth course. I know she changed her mind after that, but she sat there with nothing all that time. I don’t blame her.

Sierra Storm's Salad Nightmare

In order for the juicer to work, you need to plug it in -- works most times that way. And I don’t buy for a second that you’re a dumb blonde who can’t get out of her own way. Not for a second. I don’t know what the issue is. This is our third charter and you have had enough exposure to Ben to know how he behaves. So when the tuna dish didn’t work for him, OK, no big deal, just suck in up and move on to what does. That’s not the time to fall apart, especially over a tuna dish. If your skin doesn’t get any thicker than this, you will have issues in the yachting world. This world we live and work in is hard sometimes, and you need to learn to adapt and innovate to get by in it. There aren’t a lot of Kumbaya moments in yachting. This is the real world. I feel you are trying hard and I hope that you can tough it out, because it can be very rewarding to step up and beat your challenges and know you came out on top. Hang in there and roll with it. The world isn’t going to change for one individual. Take a page from Kate.

Speaking of Kate, nice job this week. The interior and the galley ran well and worked well together. I hope this continues throughout the remainder of the charter. I hope that you can help Sierra with whatever issues she may have, you may be her only hope. We will see.

Lauren, damn that pool is a bitch, isn’t it? Hopefully when we get one more hand on board it will be easier. Let’s hope I can get us a good, stable one that will fit in. Good job helping out in the galley, and I know Ben appreciates as do I.

Well, that’s about it for this week mates. May you have the wind at your backs, and calm water beneath your keel. Until next time!

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