Captain Lee: We Have Suffered a Horrific Loss

Captain Lee: We Have Suffered a Horrific Loss

Captain Lee shares his condolences with Nico Scholly and his family.

Well here we are again, guys, with another charter, possibly the most important charter of the season -- our good friend and repeat charter guest Dean Slover. Love it when he and his guests are on board.

Not So Super Soup Below Deck
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As some of you may know, it is also my birthday. Yup, hung another out on the line, and I must say they just keep getting better.

All of that though will have to take a back seat to a more pressing matter. One that I wish I did not have to address, but address it I must.

I’m not in a very festive mood this evening. We, and by this I mean collectively all of us on Below Deck, have had one of our own suffer a horrific loss. Nico our deck hand has lost his brother suddenly and tragically. His parents lost a son, his other family members lost a sibling, and I simply cannot find it in me to do my usual blog this evening. My heart goes out to his family, and I cannot pretend to know what they are going through.

Anything that I may write about tonight’s episode would only ring hollow to me, so I am not doing my usual blog. It’s just not there. I hope that you understand and you will keep Nico and his family in your hearts and prayers, as I know I will. I have no words, Nico, that will ease your pain, nor the pain your family endures. All I can say is I’m sorry. Godspeed to you sir and your family.

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