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Captain Lee: I Miss My Wife Terribly

Captain Lee Rosbach opens up about how difficult it is to be away from his wife, Mary Anne, during the charter season.

By Lee Rosbach
Hear the Story of How Captain Lee Met His Wife

Well, I don’t even know where to start with this week’s shenanigans. So I think I will just ramble on a bit as opposed to following my usual format. You know, the charter guests leaving without a word was a first for me. Definitely did not see that one coming, nor the amount of criticism either. But perception is reality, so you just have to sit there and take it, learn from it, and move on and do better next time. This is one of the pitfalls of having an all green crew. You are constantly putting out fire after fire, and with green crew such as this they don’t even know they are the ones starting them. If not for Kate, Baker, Bri, and EJ things could have spiraled out of control. Nico has knowledge, but refuses to use it. Can’t get out of his own way. That is my core group, and only two of those had useable experience. The other two are learning as they go, which is never good when work needs to be done, and you have to teach everyone how to do it. But their attitudes and willingness to do the job I do find refreshing.

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The Primary Charter Guests Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Matt, I never know what I am going to get from one charter or meal to the next. It’s like you just doesn’t get it. You’re willingness to settle for mediocre (yeah, that word that Bruno has trouble with) amazes me. All that talent, yet you’re afraid to use it without reinforcement from the deck crew. First Chris, then Bruno, and now I’m wondering who will be your next advisor? Time to stand on your own two feet and do what you know how to do well. You’ve shown you can do it, now I need to you do it on your own every time, not every other day when the mood strikes you. Everyone is tired, it’s a long season, and it’s been more difficult because of the crew’s inexperience, but you have to just push on through. You have it in you, I know you do.
Bruno, you’re a deckhand, you take orders not question them. How is Matt going to ever stand alone if you are there propping him up. Big boy pants need to come out and get put on, by more than one crew member. I need you to stop holding Matt’s hand. You have your own job, which by the way, you are adapting to quite well I think. Oh and stash the ego, you’re still a long way from being God’s gift to yachting.

Jen, OK, I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to say to I’m just going to take a pass on you this week, because I am truly at a loss for words. I have writer’s block on this subject, because this behavior and my description of it would only be the epitome of redundancy. We only have two charters to go. I hope by the grace of God we make it with you in one piece.

I see that the one of the charter guests shares the same philosophy as Kate. You can never have too much Jesus in your life. I personally thought that was the best line of the night.

On another note, just when I think there is hope for Nico, he shoots himself in the foot again and again. EJ bailed your butt out and you still cannot resist ridiculing him. You owe him big time and it’s high time you realized it. He did what you failed to do the first time around, and that’s get the deck department in shape. I certainly hope that you fare better this time around, because I’m about out of patience with you and your childish behavior.

I have to give a welcome back to Kyle. Even with two children at home, you can’t stop thinking with the wrong head. Some things never change. At least you do know what you’re doing on deck, and I am grateful for that. You do make me laugh, and I haven’t had nearly enough of that this year. So thank you. With your help, the next two charters should go much better on deck.

Now on to one of my favorite subjects. The love of my life and best friend in the whole world, Mary Anne. It was such a special treat to have her come down even for such a short visit. It rarely happens. Sometimes we go months without seeing each other and she handles it like I wish I could. I miss her terribly at those times. Her timing could not have been better. Right when I needed a morale boost, she was right there, just as she always has been through the years, ready to lift my spirits right when I need it most. She is my bright spot, always has been and always will be. Everyone should be as fortunate as I’ve been.

Meet Captain Lee's Wife, Mary Anne!

So, enough of that. Next week looks like there may be some things going pear shaped, so until then, may you have the wind at your back and calm seas beneath your keel. Stay safe out there.

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