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Captain Lee: Nico's Cheating is "Problematic"

Captain Lee offers his two cents on the romance that's unfolding between Nico and Brianna. 

By Lee Rosbach
Nico and Brianna Hook Up!

Wow, the time has been flying by. Episode 8 already, and I had such high hopes for all the crew by this time. Some are coming along nicely, and others…well, not so much. We ended the Tuohys' charter (which was just the best) and got ready for another group, which by all appearances were 180 degree opposites of the Tuohys. So let’s get to it.

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I’m going to start with Nico this week, because my comments will be very brief. Why, you might ask? Well, I’m speechless, to be honest with you. I wouldn’t know where to start. So all I’m going to say is that as I watched this episode unfold, I could not believe what I was seeing, and I could not have been more disappointed in Nico. News flash: the whole world doesn’t revolve around what you want. I’m seeing a side that doesn’t make me happy. That’s it — mic drop.

EJ, as I would expect, taking the high road once again in dealing with Nico. Smart move. I thought that your date with Baker went very well, and I must say that I found the way you guys behaved on your date to be very refreshing. It appeared to be fun for the both of you. The crew seems to be working together better than in the past — well, almost all of them. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m fine with it.

Are Things Heating up Between EJ and Baker?

Matt, I was a little disappointed in the way you handled the rejection by your ex on your day off. I felt really bad for you. But I was equally impressed by the way you bounced back when you and Nico went to the wine bar, and you didn’t have any alcohol at all. Good job on that. I’m not all together sure about asking Nico for relationship advice, though; there may be better sources of info for that. Keep thinking out of your comfort zone in the galley. Instead of asking Nico if you could use Bruno in the galley, you as a department head should have gone to another department head for that permission or to me. It wasn’t Nico’s permission to give. He does not have that authority.  But done is done, so we’ll see how it works out. I hope one job doesn’t affect how the other is done. For a while there, I thought you were going to go swimming in the same pity pool that Jen has been in. Glad you didn’t, sir.

Baker, you just keep on keeping-on. I’m liking what I’m seeing, and I must say that you are a pleasure to work with. You remind me of another female deck hand we had who was great — Connie. Great attitude and work ethic to go with it. Stay the course, kiddo. You and Bruno didn’t do so well with the luggage though, but I’m sure that was a one off.

Bruno, nice job in the galley. I hope that as you spend more time in there, your other duties don’t suffer. You are a deckie first, pseudo-sous chef second. You seem to be progressing quite nicely, and I am looking forward to seeing it continue. I thought you had a good week.

Before I move on from the deck crew, I’m a bit puzzled as to why the luggage on this charter wasn’t taken down stairs to their rooms as it has always been in the past. That falls on the senior deckhand and the deck crew, I feel. While you were looking for crew to finally take it down, the only one I saw doing any work was EJ. Wasn’t a good look, especially with a high maintenance group onboard. EJ should have caught that as well.

Bri, your ability to do your duties as a stew seem to be improving. I didn’t see your conversation with Jen going anywhere productive, but some people can’t handle honest conversation. That being said, my honest opinion is that it takes two to tango. I do not for a second think that you are totally absolved for Nico cheating on his girlfriend. Saying he’s a big boy doesn’t quite cut it for me, and I expected more. In my opinion, if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you. And as he stated, he knew it was wrong — he just didn’t care. I find that problematic. Although he did tell her, it was after the fact when I thought it should have been before the fact. You could’ve assisted there but chose not to. But it’s your life, and I don’t have to live it. You’re doing a good job as far as your duties on the boat go, but I was just really surprised at your response to that situation.

Jen, I have no idea what to say or do to you or with you. I find your behavior appalling for someone who has such great potential. I hope it turns around for you. For all the complaining and whining about your co-workers, I can’t believe not one of them have said a word to me about your lack of respect to them. They have gone out of their way to insulate your behavior from me. You should be thanking them, not fighting with them. Unless you really believe that stuff coming out of your mouth. To me that speaks volumes about them. Really…your excuse for not making the juice was you couldn’t find the oranges when they were right there next to you?

It's Stew vs. Stew!

Kate, great job this week, and I want to thank you for not bothering me with the whole Jen thing. I know you have your hands full, but thanks for not sharing that burden. I did, however, think that putting Nico and Bri together was a bit like putting the fox in the hen house. But you did what you did out of respect for EJ, and I can appreciate that. The rest of this charter is not going to be easy, but I guess we’ll see what happens as it progresses. But judging from the previews, nothing seems to be progressing as it should.

So until next week, peeps. Keep the wind at your back and calm water beneath your keel. Thanks so much for the support; I do appreciate it so much.

From the wheelhouse,

Captain Lee

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