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Captain Lee: Very Fortunate I Didn't Witness That Adolescent Behavior

Captain Lee Rosbach has a lot to say about that argument between Nico Scholly and EJ Jansen.

By Lee Rosbach
Is Nico Leaving #BelowDeck?

Wow, this season is flying by. Episode 7 already and I fee like I’m going backwards with this crew. It’s sort of like whack-a-mole. We get one person to start making progress, and another one or two start to unravel and come apart like a cheap suit. It’s almost like someone loosened up the lug nuts and the wheels are starting to fall off the car one at a time with the crew just taking turns screwing up. And this is only the fifth charter, the halfway point. And we have the best charter guests in the world, laidback, hospitable, easy to please – and we are finding a way to screw it up. The Tuohys and their friends were just the very best. Kind of reminds me of another group of southern guests we had on Season 2, Miss Georgia. Also, in this episode, we find out what I do with my time on the rare occasion that I have no guests or crew on board. At any rate, let’s just get right to it and see where the wheels come off this time.

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Nico, what is going on? Again, talking boat business while you’re intoxicated is not the proper thing to be doing and is not going to accomplish anything. Even your crewmates knew that EJ wasn’t intoxicated that evening and you were just looking for a confrontation. And when he didn’t back down, you threw a two-year-old’s hissy fit. “If I don’t get my way, I’m going home.” Very fortunate I wasn’t there to witness that adolescent behavior. Then in the AM, when he is willing to put it behind and start over, you rebuke him again. And to his credit, he was committed to handling it on his own. Not once did he relay to me your childish behavior. Think about that. I was very glad to see you come to your senses and listen to Bri, although the way you relayed the story to her afterwards didn’t exactly mirror what really transpired. I don’t have a problem with that, but glad to see you make an attempt to man up and deal with the problem that you were causing. You have enormous potential, and this is something that you would really excel at. I’m by no means giving up on you; no matter how hard you try to get me to. It has to stop being about you and how you feel and more about working together as a team for a common goal, to have one successful charter after another, and to make the season a success for all. After you set your personal feelings aside, not saying you can’t still have them, but you did put them aside and look how much smoother things were. Your whole crew took notice. BTW, you seem to be going down a very slippery slope with Bri. But as far as your job this week, I really feel that you made really good progress for such a rocky start. You guys really pulled it together for that night docking. The way you guys worked together to help me thread our way through that anchorage where most boats weren’t lit up properly was remarkable. Great job, you made it look easy.

Bruno, I thought you had a very good week. You not only pulled your weight on the deck crew, but you gave Matt a huge assist in the galley. Thanks for stepping up and in to assist. We were not on a path for success, and you were part of the reason that it went as well as it did.

Baker, nice save on the beach tailgate party. While Jen’s heart may have been in the right place, not sure where her head was. You had another stellar week. Thank you as well for being the voice of reason with the continuing saga of EJ and Nico along with Bruno. Nice of you to have EJ’s back. When you’re right, you’re right. Period. Good job, and another good week. You have some hidden skills. Well done.

Matt, you really have to get your head in the game and out of wherever it happens to be…somewhere south, where the sun doesn’t shine ever, I fear. You screwed up with your ex and now it’s carrying over into your job. Neither the time nor the place. No vanilla ice cream, really? Last week, no lobster. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You have mad skills; I’m trying to figure out why you are so insistent on hiding them. They are right there beneath the surface, bubbling away, trying to rise to the surface and burst open, but then you just turn the heat down and they disappear. You, with some help, stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Finally. Well done. I’m not sure what we would have done if your ex had not finally answered your text. You may have been reunited with her sooner than expected. But you pulled it off and I commend you for it. You’re a great guy, with a ton of talent. Just use it. Nothing worse than having the talent and personality that you have, and then not using it. Thanks for pulling it together.

Jen, news flash, you are not Cinderella, and there is no ball, no prince charming, and no pumpkin carriage. You need to stop drinking if you can’t control your tongue when you do. This constant pity party is not a good look for you. Bri may have been out of line with her comment, but you didn’t exactly handle it with grace and dignity. Although I thought you really stepped it up when you took Kate’s advice and confronted and smoothed things over with Bri. I know it took a lot for you to do that, but you did, and I was proud of you for it. The cheerleader thing, not so much. While I think your heart was in the right place, not sure where your head was at. You needed to give Baker a big thank you for bailing you out of an embarrassing situation. By charter number five you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get it together if you are going to survive. The mascot thing was a hit, everyone loved it. That’s what mascots do, and they look outrageous. But you failed to get the point, which was that the mascot thing was much more of a success than your cheerleading debacle on the beach that you did on your own. You have it in you to be a success, just wondering when and if it will ever come out. I’m giving you kudos for hanging in there and not giving up, but you do need to change that attitude.

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EJ, I thought I taught you better than that, trying to reason with someone who has been drinking. You never win, and it’s an exercise in futility to try. You both should have put it back in your pants and let it go until the morning. Should have taken your ego, stowed it away, and walked away from Nico, dealing with it when calmer heads may have prevailed. That being said, I’m happy with they way you are taking the high road and dealing with this on your own, and did not come crying to me. We all know how it will go if I have to get involved. I appreciated the way you tried again in the morning to get this straightened out, but once again rebuffed by Nico. I do think it took a lot from him to come to you later and apologize to you for his actions and taking responsibility for being a dick. I was glad to see you respond the way you did, well done not rubbing his nose in it. But it’s what I’ve come to expect from you and that is one of the reasons why you’re here. Hang in there, and continue to do a good job.

Bri, while I’m really happy with the job you are doing, I’m a wee bit surprised at how snarky you were with Jen. I’m just going to write that one off and an aberration, because I don’t think that’s the real you. Not sure where you and Nico are headed, but it doesn’t appear that you are taking the hands off approach you were taking earlier. While you did give him some very good advice, which I do appreciate, it certainly appears to me that there may be more than advice you want to give him. I guess time will tell. Still all in all, happy with the progress that you are making and the job you are doing. Hope the other thing doesn’t just jump up and bite you in the ass. However it does appear that you are dealing with a willing participant though as well.

Kate, I see where you are going with Jen, and I think that you are doing it the right way. I tried to do that with Chris and you see where that went when I gave him anchor watch. Some things you just can’t fix. I do think that you may have been too easy on Matt and I get why, he is such a great guy, but I would not have tried to cover up your conversation with Jen about the dessert looking like a seagull sh-- on some bananas. You view Matt as this cute little puppy, but there comes a time when you have to call the puppy for pissing on the carpet. Just saying I would have let him know that it was a disaster and why.

Kate Gets Caught Dissing Matt's Dessert

You are doing your best with Jen, but I agree with you, she has to put the walker down, stand on her own, and walk the walk. It’s past time for just lip service. Great job and recovery, when you didn’t know what the Academy Award was for. Telling Leigh Anne she should have gotten it instead of Sandra Bullock was a great answer. Well done.

So, here you have my thoughts on how the week went. We started of a wee bit rocky, and just when I thought we were coming out of the woods there with the situation with Nico and EJ, Matt decides to take a break, along with Jen. Never a dull moment. But we are making progress, and had some very good moments as well to build on. So that wraps it up my friends. May you have the wind at your back and calm seas beneath your keel. Till next week.

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