Ep 9: Bohemian Wrapsody

Ep 9: Bohemian Wrapsody

Best Room Wins Bohemian Homeowners Strong Opinions
Season 1 |
Aired: June 26, 2019
| tv-14 |

Designers Sunshine and Barrie face off to completely reimagine the living/dining room and transform them into Bohemian style wonderlands. With just four days to complete the job, the designers face unexpected mold, strong homeowner opinions, and a very tight budget. Sunshine and Barrie have to dig deep to pull off the impossible and to wow the judges. Expert judges Genevieve Gorder, Elle Decor editor-in-chief Whitney Robinson, and A-list designer Kathryn Ireland tour the finished spaces to decide whose room reigns supreme and which designer gets the coveted spread on ElleDecor.com.

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