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Bethenny Frankel

Pure Bliss

Bethenny explains why RaRa means so much to her and how she deals with Jason and her arguments.

A Straight Shooter

Bethenny wants you to know the truth about the press and about her bidet.

Buckle Up

Bethenny dissects the hilarity in this episode and thanks you for coming along on the ride.

I Fly Above

Bethenny discusses the botched boat cruise and shakes the haters off.

A Fever Pitch

Bethenny discusses her fight with Jason and how much work she puts into their relationship.

Chock-full of Nuts

Bethenny explains why she loved this episode and her matchmaking style.

These Days

Bethenny shares the story of her friendships and explains why she's so proud of this show.

The Real Me

Bethenny thanks the fans for another season of support and explains why she's baring it all in the show.