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Jackie reflects on the amazing season that was.

Memory Lane

Jackie reflects on how far Bethenny (and Jason) have come.

Play Hard

Jackie discusses the trip to Aspen and the big shoes she has to fill.

The Reflecting Pool

Jackie explains why it was so important for Bethenny and Jason to have a little rest and relaxation.

Big Shoes to Fill

Jackie discusses her thoughts on Julie's leaving and her job at Team B.

California Dreamin'

Jackie lauds the great atomsphere of California -- and of the 'Ellen' show.

The Dressing Suite

Jackie shares her thoughts on the self-defense class and Bethenny's closet caper.

No More Boats

Jackie thinks this trip was the final straw in Jason and Bethenny's boating career.

Laundry Day

Jackie fesses up to how she wears Bethenny's shapewear and discusses the drama in this episode.

Addicted to Laughter

Jackie pens an apology to the raccoons and discusses her favorite parts of the episode.