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Julie Plake

Follow Your Heart

Julie reflects on her journey with Bethenny and where it will lead her next.


Julie explains what was going through her mind as it was the beginning of the end with Bethenny.

Typical Bethenny

Julie relfects on Bethenny's negotiation skills and nearing the end of her time with Team Skinnygirl.

Left Field

Julie shares her love of Gina and why she feels especially connected to her.

The End of an Era

Julie discusses her decision to leave Team Bethenny, but how she'll still be part of the family.

Like No Other

Julie shares why she and Bethenny had to spy on Cookie and what she learned in CPR class.

The Bond Is Strong

Julie discusses Bethenny and Jason's ability to cope with disaster.

All that Drama

Julie discusses the myriad ups and downs of this episode and what she wants to do with her life.

Stop and Realize

Julie's glad she had a few moments to reflect with Bethenny and thinks anyone would be lucky to date her sister.