Skinny on the Skinny

Skinny on the Skinny

Season 2 |
Aired: May 9, 2011

Having just finished Skating with the Stars, Bethenny and company have not slowed down for one minute and have now embarked on her SkinnyGirl bus tour. City after city, Bethenny will talk to hundreds of women about everything from food to babies to sex. Nothing is off limits,and Bethenny is not afraid to share. For Bethenny's colorful "family" the bus tour comes with its own set of adventures including feedings, open discussions about work, and a little bathroom humor thrown in for good measure. But navigating all this isn't the only thing on Bethenny's mind; she is in serious negotiations for a major liquor company to buy SkinnyGirl cocktails. If Bethenny decides she want to accept, a whole new life is in store and everything she's worked so hard for, will finally come to fruition.

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