A Fever Pitch

A Fever Pitch

Bethenny discusses her fight with Jason and how much work she puts into their relationship.

I have the sweetest, most caring, and supportive fans. It means so much to me that you worry about me and take the time to give me advice. I actually learn a lot from you.

The season is definitely funny and silly as always, but there is a serious undertone about my relationship, which has had its peaks and valleys. I love Jason and I adore my family, and, most importantly, I'm in it to win it. Relationships take work, and in my life, nothing comes easily. I'm the initiator and Jason is the escalator and this we have really worked on since the show filmed. Our arguments certainly aren't as heated and we listen and respect each other more.

As for the apartment renovation, I love being involved in every aspect of the construction and design, but what a pain it can be. Little did I know that I would be running another business. Most people don't communicate properly, and if you can be a good, clear, calm manager who can delegate then you will get very far.

Ellen Degeneres was right when she told me that this job would never finish on time. There is a hold up every week. And I'm moving to L.A. for the summer for the talk show on Fox. I hope we'll get to enjoy the apartment for at least one night.

That scene made me laugh at the chiropractor's office. I would say that that is a typical interaction between me and anyone throughout an average day. I love seeing what makes people tick. I like interviewing people. The talk show will definitely be fun! Shy, I'm not.

The Eqal website meeting was awkward but they have been wonderful to work with. I love my website and you will love it too. This was just the beginning. I'm sure they were nervous and didn't know what to expect.

What can I say about therapy? I love it. I sometimes dread it, but ultimately it is where I attempt to heal at least some of my wounds from the past and bridge to a better future.

The helicopter scene was so brutal that I can't tell you how bad that day was. Our tension was at a fever pitch, and I just had to push through. I was hurt, I needed an apology and I obviously have long since moved forward. We have to be careful to not crack our foundation because the hurt takes longer to heal. Next week's episode is really something else.

The Breaking Point
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