Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give

Bethenny thinks that in the end Julie made the right decision.

I really liked this episode, because it was largely about female power, which is, in many ways, what I stand for.

Julie made a decision. Whether that is what you or I would do is irrelevant. She was stuck. She was tormented and something needed to happen for something to happen. To be honest, it was better for everyone. When someone is struggling with something, it affects their whole environment. Jackie was so enthusiastic about embarking on a new adventure, and it was difficult to do so while Julie's heart and head were leaving the game. It's the circle of life in business. I love Julie, and she is forever in my heart and connected to my family, but I do believe that it was the best decision for everyone. She is happy, the office is running smoothly and quietly, and everyone has found their place.

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Julie's Life-Changing Decision
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Dry Bar was fun because it is a lighthearted way to really showcase what my business is about. It is girly, flirty, fun and none of us take ourselves too seriously. We need to work on that Skinnygirl ponytail.

Matt Hesse is my partner in Skinnygirl Daily on-the-go nutrition. We manufacture a gentle, effective cleanse, weight management capsules, delicious nutritional bars, and incredible vitamin power packs (giving you a days' worth of vitamins with an added benefit such as "immunity"). Like all of my partners, Matt understands the Skinnygirl philosophy and our partnership is about making health accessible rather than intimidating and complicated. That particular meeting, aside from marriage and dating advice, was about approving packaging for our Dark Chocolate Multigrain Pretzel and Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate bars. They're delicious. And yes, Matt is single.

Shopping for furniture is fun and interesting and potentially overwhelming, but in the end, I'm the same me with a bigger balance in the bank. Regardless of that, overpriced items will never seem sensible to me. I may indulge a little bit more, but frivolous, I will never be. I did not buy a 75k mirror, a 25k "twin" bar cabinet nor anything that I consider to be "off the rails." There are some highs in the apartment, but I'm always logical and sensible. You can't be who you're not.Trying on the Skinnygirl Shapewear in my apartment was a typical scene that goes on in my life. That is my idea of a good time: women, silliness, confidence, my baby, cocktails, and madness. I particularly liked that it was all about everyone else rather than me. I would definitely smooch any girl that I know and love if I wanted to get a bit of their color on my lips. I love my girls. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful incredible women.

Being on the cover of Parenting magazine was an incredible honor, because a mother is who I am first. I have the most delicious little girl, I do the very best that I can, and I am so proud that I feel that I am a great mother. I am so lucky to even be in that club!

The Skinnygirl Real Women Photo Shoot is probably my favorite part of the season. It is about confidence, feeling good about yourself, honesty, and walking tall. None of those girls are models, every one of them feels insecure about some body part, and all of them dress casually most of the time. This was about telling women everywhere that we all can bust out and feel good about ourselves when we really need it and if we really want to. We are all beautiful!
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