Typical Bethenny

Julie relfects on Bethenny's negotiation skills and nearing the end of her time with Team Skinnygirl.

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn't write last week. It has been a little crazy since moving back to Pittsburgh. Trying to find my way here and organize my life! Anyway. . .

OH MEXICO! What a great place! It was so amazing that I got to come on this trip! Watching Bryn makes me miss her a whole lot! She is just the cutest little peanut and so smart and amazing. I can't believe she is almost two years old!

Bethenny and her "hermano" -- so very typical Bethenny. She loves wheeling and dealing and it is funny to see her squirm with someone. She loves the fun of negotiating a deal! She even included me in the deal and got me a gorgeous silver and turquoise bracelet from Hermano!

RaRa is one of the kindest and most amazing people I know. She and I have created a special bond over the years. I am Bryn's godmother and will be there for the rest of her life. RaRa will also be in Bryn's life forever. We are one big family. On to paddle boarding: If you notice, I am nowhere to be found. This is because I wiped out, with the board attached to me and washed up on shore. I skinned my knee and couldn't bear to go back out in the waves. It was pretty funny. Too bad everyone else was to focused to watch!

Bethenny's Birthday Dinner: What a difference a year makes! I was so happy that we were doing something so small and low key. It was emotional for me, giving Bethenny the milestone book, but I was so happy she loved it! I am always reminding her of just how far she has come, so when I leave, I want her to be able to remember all of the small things!

So when Jason dropped the bomb about apartment, I was feeling stressed, but then relieved because I realized. . .I was not really going to be a part of it. It is weird to come to that conclusion though. . .

And now off to another boat. I have no idea why I let anyone get on this boat. I felt somewhat responsible because I said it would all work out before I got on. You can hear me cursing and freaking out as the waves hit us. I am thinking of Bryn the whole time as the boat hit the side of the big boat. It was very scary, but after we got Bryn to shore, I was OK to venture back out.

Jason and I have a unique relationship. He knows exactly what my job entails and he is always there for me to talk things out with. I can always count on him. He says I am like a sister to him -- and he is for sure like a brother to me. On the boat it was one of those times, because I got to give him advice. I think he and Bethenny can work together, but they need to make a decision as a couple.

Even though the boat experience ended up OK. MY NUMBER ONE ADVICE to Jackie after I leave is NO MORE BOATS!!!!!!

It's getting to the end - --- see you next week!

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