To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Plake

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Plake

Episode 8:'s Editor ponders living in a post-Plake world (and children's toilets).

Hey Bethenny fans. How you holding up? Are you as devastated as I am to be living in a post-Plake world (well almost, we still have her for a bit). Let's get to cap-ing, shall we?

Pittsburgh-town Julie Brown
We open with a doozy -- Julie has decided to head back and move towards marriage and building a life with her gent. I think we all saw shades of this coming over the website meeting breakdown, but it is crazy to think of Team Skinnygirl sans Julie. Who else would be willing to hold a silver bucket for Bethenny to pee in moments before her wedding? Even Jason looked shocked and appalled.

But there's a fleet of young gals ready to Coordinate the Chaos in her place. If Maggie and stop crying she'll be a great help. Jackie will step up to COC level. And if Jason wants, he can be the official SkinnyGuy. However, it remains to be seen if that's the right thing for them as a couple.

Tales of the Tail
I want to talk for a second about the signature ponytail. Bethenny looked like she was going to jump out of her skin while they were trying to do her tail. And I agree with her, the ponytail needs to be especailly smooth if you're going to mimic the one on the bottle. The only other option would be to just drink enough that you think you're ponytail looks exactly like the one on the bottle. . .

I Might Walk into Nobu With. . . Skinnygirl Packaging
I love, love, love that the super adorable, Nebraskan guy is still using Bethenny's name as a way to pick up chicks. If this guy still needs assistance meeting people, the rest of the world is in deep, deep trouble.

Her Lipgloss is Poppin'
You have to give Stacey some serious credit for showing up to the Skinnygirl shoot rocking a bold red lip. Girl went full tilt for her moment in the sun, as she should. And then Julie comes out all tarted out holding a baby. And I'm with B, it was semi-ridonk (donk in all senses of the word). All of the ladies looked pretty grand, I have to say.

Meanwhile, Bethenny is also trying to figure out how many bras and panties she has to sell to get the rest of the dining room chairs. Bethenny can't quite grasp how much money she's supposed to be spending on credenzas and things that Bryn could potentially color on. The Hoppys are pretty tidy in comparrrisson to most people. They even manage to stash their iPods in crystal bowls (at least until Bethenny figures out what to put in the crystal bowl besides electronica).

Toilet Humor
Jason, Bethenny, and the princess potty -- truly a fairytale for our times. Every ending is a happy one with that soundtrack.

In the midst of all the changes, Bethenny starts getting a little stressed. She's worried about Jackie taking the reins of the situation and when the s--t will hit the fan. Bethenny admits that she's getting a little cold and compartmentalized about Julie leaving the nest. She's been at Skinnygirl since the early days, and it's going to be tough changing how the whole gang functions. But if there's anything that Bethenny can do, it's adapt. They'll be fine -- even Julie.

Next week, Jason wonders if the ring didn't mean a thing. But before then, what do you guys think? Should he and Bethenny get into business together? Or is it time to draw some lines?

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