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Bridezilla Begins

Bethenny talks dress shopping, hosting the in-laws, and the possibility of baby number two.

By Bethenny Frankel


When I met Shawn, he seemed uptight, polished, adequately neurotic and detail oriented. I thought he could definitely run with the big dogs. He really did have his finger on the pulse of everything I might need. I loved calling him out when he tried to bluff me about the four seasons. I wanted to let him know that I was on my game. Bridezilla begins.

I wanted the wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel because I couldn't think of a more modern, sophisticated yet subtle cosmopolitan location. It was always my dream to be married there, but I knew I would never be able to pull it off. I thought I'd have to be marrying some crazy mogul to be married someplace like that.

I love Jason's parents. I think Jason was probably more anxious about me entertaining them. Truthfully, it made me spend more time with them rather than let him entertain them. They are incredibly warm and loving people.

Not only is Carol surrounded by men, she lost a son. I asked her to go wedding dress shopping because I'm sure she missed having the opportunity to have a daughter and go through all of those girly things. It was so nice to include her and see her so happy. It was also really fun. She was such a great sport.

Jason really wants more children which currently gives me anxiety. However, if we decide to go that route, we're not getting any younger. Isn't it always something? It's tricky because I'm not going to let a timeline or ticking clock make me do something I'm not ready to do. Cheers to all of you mothers: it is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. You always ask me about how to start and run a business. All of you who have children and are successful at it could do anything to set your mind to.



I wouldn't eliminate the possibility of living in the suburbs. I'm way more boring than people think. I like land and quiet and privacy. By the way, the event in New Jersey made me look antisocial (which is often true). The deal is that I had just returned from a speaking engagement in Florida, I was focused on my material and speaking to the room, and Max was under the impression that I was a guest. My job was to speak to the women about health and cooking and I didn't want to be distracted. Max wanted to meet girls.

The skin care scene was hilarious. That gentleman happens to have normal skin. Only me: my partner gets a chemical peel before that meeting. Honest skin care will be out in the fall. It is a reasonably priced, straightforward skin care line. I don't believe in all of the fancy creams with unrealistic promises. Simple good skin care is something you do consistently and affordably. It fits with my entire philosophy.

Sadly (or maybe not) my therapy is going much better than Cookie's single therapy session. Hers is way more expensive and challenging. However, I don't bite people.

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