Survey Says! 1 In 11 Employees At Work Are Getting It On *In The Office*

Survey Says! 1 In 11 Employees At Work Are Getting It On *In The Office*

Yes, that was in the office

By Marianne Garvey
Traveling with a Coworker

Sex at the office might be more common than we think. Oh God, where? Don’t touch that copy machine.

In fact, a recent survey reveals one in 11 of your co-workers are guilty of sex in the workplace.

Over 1,000 people were questioned about their on-the-clock secrets to determine what really goes on at work. They were asked what they find most offensive in the workplace, from workplace romances to falling asleep.

Nearly half of respondents say masturbating is the most offensive thing you can do at work – but 22 percent of people questioned admitted they have done it at least once. Disturbing, to say the least.

"Of those who engaged in some stress relief, less than a quarter said it was a one-time occurrence, but 40 percent de-stressed at work at least half a dozen times over the course of their career. For most, masturbating at work left them feeling excited or rebellious, compared to the few who walked away feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable," reports the study.

One in three women asked have fantasized about a boss or co-worker, while more than half of the men asked admitted to daydreaming about a coworker. Men (11 percent) admitted to have watched porn at work.

"Women were more than twice as likely to deem watching explicit videos as the most offensive in-office act and five percent more likely to view hooking up with a coworker in this light as well," says the study.

Less raunchy, but still offensive to some were sexting while working, visiting random websites at work and checking social media at your desk.

Guess what men found most offensive?

Having their food stolen was actually the most offensive act one could commit for dudes.

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