10 Epic Vacations You Can Only Access by Helicopter or Boat

10 Epic Vacations You Can Only Access by Helicopter or Boat

Don't even think about driving or flying commercial.

By Bryce Gruber

If you ask social media, the best thing about vacation is the opportunity to one-up everyone else on social media, and the best way to do that is to pick a location that other people simply cannot get to unless they've got the right tools (socially or otherwise). In order to best get your Real Housewives lifestyle on, you'll need to look beyond the mundane tropical resorts of yesteryear, and opt for an in-your-face level of luxury which can only be achieved by choosing an island or resort that can only be accessed by helicopter or boat. You're that fancy, and you deserve it.

Here are the top 10 hard-to-reach destinations to drop the jaws of your Instagram followers:

1. Medhufaru

While the Maldives are hardly unknown, the tiny island of Medhufaru is a virtually unknown, pristine vacation spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Perfect for honeymooners or escape artists, and is only reachable by boat, helicopter, or seaplane. A new resort called Soneva Jani is set to open in October of 2016, complete with retractable roofs for stargazing. Pretty chic, huh?

2. The Florida Key You've Never Heard Of

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is in the Florida Keys, making it a relatively easy weekend getaway for Americans, so long as you find yourself with access to a boat or seaplane to get there. The small 30-guest-room hotel is a quiet, tropical getaway without leaving American soil. And yes, they have hammocks, too.

3. Palm Island Resort in the Grenadines


Palm Island Resort & Spa in the Grenadines requires a flight from St. Lucia to Union Island, then it's a 10-minute boat ride to Palm Island. Once you're there, you'll be loaded with options for nature lovers including snorkeling, hikes, and a complete lack of wi-fi, television, or phones in the rooms. 

4. The Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi Islands in Australia's Northern Territory are located just north of Darwin. The little known islands are recognized locally for their aboriginal culture, blue-water fishing and tropical island scenery. Along the islands' coastal landscape you will see dense rainforest, sandy beaches, and rock pools. Visitors can access the Tiwi Islands by ferry or small aircraft from Darwin.

5. Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas is only accessible by chopper, boat, or small sea plane but is a relatively short jaunt from the shores of Florida. The resort is just off the Andros Great Barrier Reef and can only handle a maximum of 70 guests at a time, so you know it's private, exclusive, and your friends won't be able to match it anytime soon. There are 96 acres of flowering jungle, coconut palms, and white sand beaches that await those adventurous enough to make the trip.

6. Paradise Beach, Nevis


Nevis is already a celebrity hotspot thanks to quaint villas, hard-to-access shores, and a long list of hosts sworn to secrecy. Paradise Beach is no exception, requiring most guests fly into Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts and transfer to a 30-minute car trip to Reggae Beach where guests board a private water taxi that reaches Nevis in about 10 minutes. While it's certainly a production to get there, the pristine beaches, sunset yoga offerings, local green vervet monkeys, and private villas make it all worthwhile.

7. Nimmo Bay, Canada

This Canadian wildnerness resort is located in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. There is simply no road access to be found to Nimmo Bay because the resort is the only thing happening the area, so it's only accessible by small aircraft or water. Guests can fly from Seattle guests can arrange direct flights via float plane, or hop on a helicopter for about an hour to make the ride over to endless nature and serenity.

8. Waiheke Island, New Zealand

If you're already visiting Auckland, New Zealand (and really, you should), making a day trip or quick overnight to lush Waiheke Island is an absolute must. The island is primarily accessible by boat, and somewhat frequent ferries are available to tourists staying on the New Zealand mainland (the Langham Auckland is the nicest in town). Wineries abound, so pack your drinking pants. You'll find a sort of mixed terrain of rocky ledges, grass covered hillsides, palm tree-encrusted natural inlets, and enough nature to soothe the soul.

9. Saipan Island

Did you know this little island just north of Guam is technically American? Saipan is a tiny beach paradise in the middle of the Pacific, and somewhat close to Taiwan (but the word "somewhat" is relative when you're talking about the middle of the ocean). While planes do go there, they're certainly hard to find, so you're best off looking for a boat to get you there.

10. Vieques, Puerto Rico

This tiny Caribbean island sits just off Puerto Rico's eastern shores and is popular for tours of the local Bioluminescent Bay, where glow in the dark sea creatures cause the water to give an eerily beautiful nightlight effect. You'll spot wild horses, historical forts, and relax by the beach after getting there by boat. 

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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