10 Gorgeous Homes You Can Actually Swap For

10 Gorgeous Homes You Can Actually Swap For

Time for a little home upgrade.

By Ko Im
Let's say you've ever watched the Real Housewives and wondered what it would like to live in those ladies' impeccable heels and beautiful homes. Well, it turns out you actually can. Sort of.

Enter LoveHomeSwap, a database inspired by the movie The Holiday, through which you exchange places with another family from around the world. And then when you visit, you get to feel right at home in lavish luxury like a Bravolebrity. Though use of the shoes isn't (necessarily) included.

1. Indonesia

Fly into this waterfront pad on a private charter by landing into a private airport. The villa has a private marina for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Ask your private butler for a towel to dry off. Oh, did we mention it’s uber private? 

2. Sydney

Bedrooms with balconies fill this beautifully designed residence down under. The designer bathrooms are laid with Calcutta marble. This piece of work is enchanting with a view of the skyline from the harbor.

3. Iceland

It’s the kind of stuff you see in magazines... but you can actually make it a reality. Watch the aurora borealis or midnight sun in nature. Depending on the season, there’s hiking, horseback riding, and dog sledding near this cool outpost

4. Marrakesh

You’ll feel like kings and queens in this artist-made palace in an ancient city. The keys give you access to fountains and a fantastic indoor pool, majestic columns, a smokin’ billiard room and a lovely rose garden. You’ll even have your own cook in the World Heritage City. 

6. Costa Rica

Think chic California vibes in Central America. No one can bother you in these isolated, eco-luxury quarters. Everyone gets a room with a rainforest and ocean view. We could stay forever in the infinity pools and Jacuzzi tubs.  

7. Ecuador

The triangular-shaped cabin looks like something out of a magical children’s book. Stay in the midst of a waterfall on what will feel like an extended, elevated, luxurious camping trip. Nature lovers rejoice. 

7. Brazil

Bring your bikini, your big family, and your dog down to Rio. In this sprawling space, there are bathtubs, pools and access to beautiful beaches. No worries in this sunny, colorful abode — everything else is handled by caretakers. 

8. Grenada

Set on a cliff, this two-story Spanish property comes with a maid and a chef. Dine al fresco accompanied by a gentle sea breeze. The lounge chairs by the pool are beyond heavenly. 

9. South Africa

This lodge sits on a golf resort, transporting you to green rolling hills as part of an exclusive membership. There’s a spa and a kids’ club, and you can even venture out to see all kinds of animals in the wild.

10. U.S.A.

Feel like a star in this crib in the Hollywood hills. You’ll feel warm and sun-kissed the whole time — with a steam room in the master bathroom, outdoor showers and space heaters, solar electricity, plus a solar-heated pool and fireplaces. Divine walk-in closets seal the deal.

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