$100,000 Bitcoin Reward for Guinness Record Cats Sets Record for Missing Pets Payout

$100,000 Bitcoin Reward for Guinness Record Cats Sets Record for Missing Pets Payout

Well here’s a story that is weird on multiple levels.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Alright. This story is a little confusing so try your best to follow along.

Arcturus is a spotted Savannah cat who won the Guinness World Record for tallest domestic cat (19.05 inches). Cygnus is a Maine coon cat who won the Guinness World Record for longest tail (17.5 inches). These record-breakers are adoptive brothers, and they have gone missing — along with two other cat siblings — after a fire completely destroyed their Detroit home.

The owners, Will and Lauren Powers, are obviously distraught over losing their four pets, let alone their very livelihood. “They treated their cats like children,” said the owner’s sister, Brittany Powers. “They were members of their family. And them having notoriety for their sizes has nothing to do with how they feel about them. They’re really devastated.”

As such, the Powers couple is offering a reward of $25,000 each (or $100,000 total) for the safe return of their cats … to be issued in bitcoin. Lest it seem like a cop-out, people should know it’s the opposite: Will has been saving his cryptocurrency for years and post-fire, it’s all he has to offer for their safe return. Coinage type aside, it’s the largest missing pets payout ever recorded … meaning the Powers are setting a record for trying to find their record-setting cats.

Elements of the weird aside, the story is very sad. Will Powers awoke to the house on fire (his wife was not home at the time), and immediately began searching for his cats before firefighters forced him to vacate. According to his sister, he left doors open with the hope that the cats would be able to escape, but thus far, searches and live traps have turned up nothing.

Even though the couple has lost everything, they’re asking for nothing in return but their furry friends. “Yes, we lost literally everything but the clothes on our backs,” Will posted on his Facebook. “However, the American Red Cross has had our backs and we are safe and warm. Please, if you wish to donate, do so to the FerndaleCatShelter.org or to the Red Cross.”

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