11 Travel Gadgets That Will Make You Look Cray-Cray on an Airplane, But You Know You Want Them

11 Travel Gadgets That Will Make You Look Cray-Cray on an Airplane, But You Know You Want Them

Hey, you gotta look out for No. 1.

By Aly Walansky

Pantsless passengers. Stinky food situations. Seats akin to ancient torture devices. Look, when it comes to cramped quarters in coach, sometimes it's just about survival mode these days. And so what if that means trying out a gadget or two that is pretty much guaranteed to send some very strange looks your way from fellow passengers? It's everyone for themselves up there these days. And that's why you might consider...

1. NapAnywhere

NapAnywhere ($49, napanywhere.net) is a portable, head-support pillow developed specifically by a physician for frequent travelers. It packs flat, perfect for tucking in any carry-on bag. And yes, perfect for eye rolls from people who figure your balled-up sweater ought to be good enough.

2. Basu eAlarm

Can you take pepper spray through TSA? No. But can you take a Basu eAlarm ($16, Basu.com). Heck yes! You may look kind of paranoid, but it could save your life, whether you use it to deter crime, signal for rescue, or repel a wild animal. (Hey, we don't know where your travels take you.)

3. Humidiflyer

Plane air is pretty nasty, and getting sick up there is everyone's fear (even, alas, expectation). One option is Humidiflyer ($70, humidiflyer.com), a flight mask that humidifies the dry cabin air. It’ll help you feel fresh when you land, and may even help you with that jet lag and dry skin after.

4. Marc Pro

The Marc Pro ($650, marcpro.com) is an electronic muscle stimulator meant to keep your circulation going during your flight. NBD, just some wires coming from out of your pant leg, nothing to see here, folks — but it just might make you feel perkier after your flight. 

5. BugOff Seat Covers

Bed bugs are among the biggest fears of some hotel guests — but they don't just live on beds. Indeed, those airplane seats see a lot of transient bodies, and sometimes, vermin happen. (Right, Kandi Burruss and Amber Rose?!) BugOff Seat Covers ($5, gearxs.com) can cover your seat on the plane and tossed right out when you are done. Sure, everyone will think you are weird, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

6. Gadget Duck Knee Defender

Leg room is at a premium on a flight, and when the person in front of you is too aggressive about their recline, it’s the absolute worst. Knee Defender ($22, gadgetduck.com) won’t make you super popular, but it will carve out some personal space by limiting how far the seat ahead of you can recline. Beware: The reclining space technically is the right of the passenger in front, so some airlines have actually banned this tool.

7. Create-A-Space Seat Divider

Armrest space is valuable real estate on a flight, and it’s often highly contested. Create-A-Space ($40, amazon.com) is a portable seat partition that is designed so that you can either create a separate armrest or divide the current armrest in half. It also helps to eliminate body contact with the passenger in the next seat, both above and below the armrest. It fits totally within your seat space and is the size of a book when folded.

8. Bodyworks Ball

How about a bit of a massage to counter the effects of that uncomfortable seat, and all that hunching over from working while on the road? BodyworksBall ($35, bodyworksball.com) is a portable self-massage tool for instant relief of neck cricks, shoulder knots, and relief to sore aching hands and feet. 

9. Pee Pocket

Yes, that's you, whipping out your Pee Pocket (three-pack is $4, thepeepocket.com) — no shame in your game. This single-use urinary device that allows women to pee standing up may become your new obsession when the plane toilet is gross or urine is all over the floor... or worse?!

10. Vibracool


Vibracool ($90, vibracool.com) combines vibration to enhance blood flow, and could be effective in reducing knee, tendinitis, and low back pain. But yeah, that's you... vibrating.

11. Occles Eye Covers

Trying to sleep? Occles ($30, thegrommet.com) are wrap-around eye covers that act like blackout sunglasses, and promote relaxation. They block light and provide complete UV protection, fitting seamlessly over your eyelids. Bridgeless and flexible, the contoured neckband stays out of your way. Yes, you will look like that guy, but you may just sleep on that overnight flight — so who cares?

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