12 Dogs That Are Ready to Celebrate Thanksgiving

12 Dogs That Are Ready to Celebrate Thanksgiving

We are thankful for these festive pooches.

By Stacy Lenz

It feels like the holiday season creeps up earlier and earlier every year. While we are pretty sure that one day we will be putting up a Christmas tree right in time for the Fourth of July, for now retailers seem to get the okay to start blasting jingle bells and putting out animatronic Santas right after Halloween. Thanksgiving rolls by without so much as a passing glance. Luckily we have found twelve doggos that have not forgotten the true spirit of Thanksgiving — eating! These pups know their canine duty sometime between getting stuffed into a bumblebee costume and trying to drink all the water from the basin of the Christmas tree, they need to take a pit stop to beg for some turkey along the way. (However, please feed table scraps with caution! Turkey fat can cause pancreatitis in dogs and common seasonings like garlic and onions are toxic to them.)
Never before have we seen a group of dogs with such laser-like focus for staring down Aunt Patty for a crust of a dinner roll, errr we mean, giving thanks. These dogs have never burnt a pumpkin pie, braved a crazed grocery store for a last minute cranberry sauce run or made the mistake of bringing up politics in front of Uncle Bob. No, these dogs have the excitement and Thanksgiving focus of a college student returning home to do laundry and hit the local bar on Thanksgiving Eve. Peruse these pilgrim pups, picture-perfect pooch centerpieces and serious doggos ready to chow down. They are what we are thankful for when we celebrate #dogsgiving.

Just my little #turkeydog 🐶🦃

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