4 Frozen Desserts We're Desperate to Eat Right Now

4 Frozen Desserts We're Desperate to Eat Right Now

Oh yes, we do want some fried chicken and waffles with our ice cream.

By Tamara Palmer

Not even frigid temperatures can stop the relentless international pursuit of ice cream. And nowhere do we find more ambitious, truly inspiring frozen creations than across Asia, where outrageously awesome new ideas are getting churned out daily.

1. Korean Tall Cones

A constant battle takes place on the streets of Seoul over who can make the tallest soft-serve ice cream cone. We have absolutely no idea how anyone could eat one of these things without crashing it to the ground, but we desperately want to try.

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2. Hong Kong Churros Ice Cream

The concept behind Eyescream and Churros in Hong Kong is that fried doughnuts and soft serve make perfect bedfellows. This place goes the extra mile by dressing up their churros (traditionally dusted with just cinnamon and sugar) in flavors like green tea plus lots of frosting, sprinkles, nuts and bright colors. Is there any way you could stay in a bad mood when you're walking around with one of these things?

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3. Indonesian Shakes

Cake-A-Boo in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a fantasyland of wonderful cake and ice cream ideas, but none are crying out to be exported to the States quite as much as the obviously American-inspired Shake A Chick, an orange mango shake with fried chicken and waffles served with an injection of maple syrup. A balanced breakfast, no doubt.

4. Thai Ice Cream Rolls

Move over, Coldstone Creamery. In Thailand, ice cream is smashed on a cold slab, cut into rolls and topped with everything in sight. Luckily, this trend has already started to catch on in New York City at places like I-CE NY, 10Below and Juicy Spot Cafe, so hopefully the rest of the country will soon follow.



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