4 Tips for Looking Hot After a Long Flight

4 Tips for Looking Hot After a Long Flight

Don't be an amateur.

Notwithstanding new airplanes purported to reduce jet lag, long flights can be notoriously brutal. The expectation is trotting off the jetway like a Bravolebrity, perfectly pressed and camera ready after a swipe of lip gloss and a quick sesh with the toothbrush. The reality? Usually much less cute. The good news is a little preparation can actually go a long way toward achieving the jaunty airport strut we're all after — even after 24 hours in the sky. Here's how to get it done like a boss.

1. Sleep smart.

It's a fallacy that you should board a plane tired so that you sleep easily in flight. Board feeling fresh, then work, read, write, or watch movies until you fall asleep naturally. To ensure quality sleep when you're ready, bring an eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, and a travel pillow (which you'll find way cozier than the ones the airlines provide — unless, perhaps, you're in a super-elite cabin). This will improve the quality of your sleep, and minimize those creaks and aches on landing.

2. Prepare for changing temps.

Airplane temperature is notoriously erratic and unpredictable: You might be sweating while you board, and freezing while you’re trying to sleep. To keep these extremes from disturbing your slumber, wear cozy but appropriate clothes (maybe even elevated pajamas?!) and bring a scarf. As well, bring thick socks to wear after takeoff. Layers are key.

3. Moisturize.

Do not get on that plane without beauty products on your person. (If you're a savvy traveler, you might even keep everything on your person.) Halfway through the flight, you're likely to find your face feels greasy and your legs will most likely feel completely dry. Pro tip: Don’t moisture while dirty. (Yuck, you'll only rub it in.) Use wipes to clean your hands and face first, then use a thick face moisturizer and lather up your legs and arms with body cream. Don’t forget the lips!

4. Snack and hydrate.

Much as it pains us to say, if you want to feel rested on landing, avoid coffee, soda, and alcohol on your flight. (Womp womp.) Instead, hydrate with water, and pack low-cal single use powder packets to add some flavor if you're feeling left out of the beverage-cart fun. You might eye passenger 1B's champers with thirsty eyes... but you'll be the one trotting off the plane looking refreshed and ready to go.

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