5 Luxury Vegetarian Hotels for Herbivorous Globetrotters

5 Luxury Vegetarian Hotels for Herbivorous Globetrotters

Cruelty-free lodging for guilt-free travel.

Plant-based diets are de rigueur among Bravo stars: Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is a professed (mostly) vegetarian, and RHOBH star Lisa Rinna eats vegan food almost exclusively.

If you, too, prefer to load up your plate with veggies, you might already be familiar with how difficult it can be to carry on a vegetarian or vegan diet while traveling. But did you know that there are a fair number of lodging options across the world — nice lodging options — that serve plant-based food exclusively? You just have to know how to dig around to find them... and you can start right here! 

1. Almodovar Hotel, Germany

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel with an all-organic vegetarian kitchen? In a land where bratwursts abound, Almodovar Hotel in Berlin is a gem awaiting plant-eating travelers. The hotel’s amenities extend far beyond the restaurant, though. With modern design, room offerings tip between standard guest rooms and full-on penthouse suites and apartments. The rooftop spa offers massage treatments and a sauna with a view of Berlin, among other types of pampering options.

2. The Laguna Lodge, Guatemala

The Laguna Lodge in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala features vegetarian and vegan food exclusively. But that’s not all. The veggies are grown either on site or at local farms! When you’re not basking in the plant-based goodness here, you can spend your time doing yoga, relaxing at the spa, or hiking a nearby volcano.

3. Five Elements, Indonesia

The Five Elements resort in Indonesia doesn’t just provide vegetarian food; the property has perfected turning those offerings into holistic treatments. Opt into a special detox or healing menu filled with living foods (that means raw!) when at Five Elements, where a wholesome getaway is the only thing on the plate. Yoga, healing rituals, Balinese ceremonies, wellness consultations, and plenty of other feel-good amenities are at your disposal when staying at this vegetable-focused resort.

4. The Stanford Inn by the Sea, California


The Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California might have rustic appeal, but its cozily plush accommodations are anything but drab. This gorgeous ocean-side retreat has organic gardens on the property, from which guests feast. The inn’s restaurant provides high-end organic vegan meals that will satisfy even the heartiest meat eaters and dazzle those who lean toward plant-based eating. Between spa services, canoeing, biking, and exploring the beautiful surrounding landscape, you’ll have plenty to do when not munching on super-nutritious food here.

5. Willka T’ika, Peru

At the foot of the mystical Andes Mountains, close to both Machu Picchu and Cusco, the Willka T’ika luxury retreat welcomes guests from around the world. The gourmet cuisine served on the premises is comprised of 100-percent hormone- and chemical-free vegetarian food, and fully vegan meals can be made upon request. Private tours of the area, jaunts through the chakra gardens, body work, solar baths, crystal light therapy, and Andean ceremonies will help to keep you busy — and well — outside of the dining room.

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