5 Only-in-L.A. Moments From My Sweaty Workout With Khloe Kardashian

5 Only-in-L.A. Moments From My Sweaty Workout With Khloe Kardashian

It was basically every stereotype about Los Angeles rolled into one pretty thrilling experience.

By Alesandra Dubin

Let it first be known that I'm grew up in Los Angeles and am as proud a resident of the city as they come. So I tell you this story with nothing but love for the town that sometimes earns its stereotypes in spades.

This weekend, I took a spin class hosted by Khloe Kardashian, a special charity ride for Children's Hospital Los Angeles at the Cycle House spinning studio in West Hollywood — one of my favorite places in town to work out. So naturally, I ponied up the $75 for the great cause, reserved my bike, and it was on.

No, Khloe didn't actually teach the class, but rode along with everyone else as the event's official hostess. She did offer an introduction before we all got going, apologizing that she'd been absent from the studio for a while given all the time she's been spending with her man in Cleveland. And, she said, "We don't have this type of s*** in Cleveland." Real talk.

In the end, the class was pretty epic — and here are five times it also epitomized the Los Angeles lifestyle in ways that make folks around the country intermittently roll their eyes and seethe with (secret?) envy.

1. I had to sign a TV release form first.

I arrived 20 minutes early and riders were already spilling outside the studio getting pumped and... signing release forms. And not just any release forms, but ones acknowledging our consent to possibly appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So there you go.

2. Class commenced with selfies.

Shortly before the scheduled start time, Khloe arrived with cameras in tow. As folks flowed into the studio, Khloe graciously posed for pics. Ever the intrepid reporter, I considered it my journalistic obligation to document the moment.

If it's the weekend in #LA, it's #spinning with @khloekardashian. 🚲✌🏼

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3. I was way underdressed.

To that end, folks turned up to class in full makeup and athleisure on fleek. I'd say it was because of the special occasion, but I've been to enough fancy gyms and spinning studios in L.A. to know that it's pretty standard fare. I realized the extent of my lack of attention to grooming detail when mid-ride I found a bobby pin in my hair from a style worn two days prior. (Probably won't make it on KUWTK with that look.) Meanwhile, Khloe rode hard in full makeup and massive hoop earrings. Props.

4. The instructor is a star herself.

Leading the class was Nichelle Hines, a star of E!'s Hollywood Cycle. (Yes, a show about the BTS drama of a spinning studio — can't make this stuff up.) Nichelle is my fave: She takes no prisoners and fears no curse word nor dirty song lyric. (In fact, she started class by saying, "This is for the children — but they're not here, so we're about to get ratchet.") And by the way? Also in classic L.A. fashion, she did not go easy on us, just because the first portion of the class was filmed for TV. Once the lights went out, she had us pouring sweat and fogging the full wall of mirrors in no time. Angelenos do not play when it comes to their workouts.

5. The workout ended with a gift bag.

Sure, it was a benefit ride and therefore technically an "event." But how often do workouts in other cities end with swag bags? Oh, but there's more: The contents included a teeny Cycle House-logo crop top, because if you must wear a shirt over a sports bra to work out in L.A., it should at least be microscopic. Also served up to sweat-soaked riders at the end of class were bottles of juice from next-door superfood cafe Beaming, a blend called "Rockstar With Fit Matrix." Because obviously.

All told, the experience was an all-around win for me: I got a great workout in the spirit of giving. And yeah, I'll admit it was also pretty gratifying to get my face (however tiny, and slightly contorted as I balanced on a bench in cycling shoes with clips) on Khloe's Instagram feed to boot.

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