5 Real-life Towns Like Stars Hollow That 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Would Love

5 Real-life Towns Like Stars Hollow That 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Would Love

That perfect balance between quirk and charm.

By Karen Gardiner

With news swirling around the Gilmore Girls revival, and its availability for binge watching on Netflix, we have the show on the brain — big time. That has us dreaming about what life might be like in a real-life Stars Hollow — a quirky small town where everyone knows and cares about each other, hangs out at the town gazebo, and occasionally participates in an oddball event. Around the country, here are other super-quaint towns we turned up that feel just like it.

1. Washington, Connecticut

Idyllic Washington (population 3,578), mid-way between Hartford and New Haven, is the real-life Connecticut town that inspired the show. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino spent a night at Mayflower Grace hotel in 2000 and was inspired by the town's residents: "We went to a diner and everyone knew each other and someone got up and they walked behind the (counter) and they got their own coffee because the waitress was busy, and I'm, like, 'Is this out of central casting? Who staged this thing for me?'" By the next day she had the show outlined. Sadly there's no gazebo but you can find your own Stars Hollow by exploring the town's colonial buildings and the many nearby antique shops. Afterward catch an indie movie at the whimsical Bantam Cinema, housed in a red wood barn and in business since 1927 — it's not the Black, White, and Read Bookshop/Theatre, but it's close.

2. Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Ligonier is a charming historic town (settled in the 1760s) that is filled with independent shops and restaurants. Its most Stars Hollow quality is the gazebo where local talent from Ligonier Valley Middle & High School play concerts every Sunday evening throughout the summer. Try to time your visit for October's three-day-long Fort Ligonier Days festival when much of the town's 1,573-strong population comes out to commemorate the the French and Indian War' Battle of Fort Ligonier.

3. Skyesville, Maryland

Reports say that more and more young people are ditching the stresses of big city life to move to small towns, but without giving up big-city perks like great eats and fun festivals. In Budget Travel's recently announced Coolest Small Town in America contest, Skyseville, Maryland (population 4,443) came out on top. The website highlighted Syksville's Baldwin Station, housed inside a train station dating from 1883, its colorful All-American Main Street and Gilmore-worthy events, including the Chili & Beer Festival.

4. Traverse City, Michigan

While we're talking about packing up and making a new start in a small town, we have to mention that Traverse City, Michigan was named Best Small Town for 2016 by Liveability, which ranks towns on their quality of living. Liveability notes the beaches, vineyards, and Lake Michigan views on offer but, with a population of 14,880, it's just a little too big for everyone to know your name, Gilmore style.

5. Camden, Maine

The picture-perfect New England town of Camden, Maine (population 4,850) looks like it just stepped off a TV set — with its pretty harbor filled with crisp white sailboats. No Stars Hollow-esque town would be complete without an old-timey diner and Marriner's Restaurant delivers. Bonus: It has fabulous water views from its back porch.

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