6 Ways to Ease Reentry After a Fabulous Vacation

6 Ways to Ease Reentry After a Fabulous Vacation

That post-travel letdown is the worst.

Coming home after a vacation is worse than a hangover. Leaving behind the sunshine and freedom — and dealing with the pounds you’ve inevitably put on drinking sugary daiquiris — is a post-holiday wakeup call we could all live without. Ease into reentry with these six steps to feel better pronto.

1. Prepare the house for your arrival.

The most important step toward feeling whole is coming home to a clean house. Before leaving, you might have thrown things around while packing and left a mess. Make arrangements (ideally before you go) with a cleaning company to have your place spic and span when you arrive. Light some candles, put on some upbeat music, and get your unpacking and laundry done right away so those chores don't linger.

2. Hydrate — with only water.

You might have put on a few pounds — but it’s nothing permanent. Help your body get rid of all the unhealthy food and drinks you’ve had by laying on the booze, coffee, and soda for at least a week. Try adding cucumbers, raspberries, oranges, or mint to your water to keep it interesting, and keep a pitcher in the fridge. 

3. Pack lunch.

If you have an office job, or need to spend time away from your home, pack your lunch so you're not tempted by more unhealthy food. Try out some new clean-eating recipes — when your body feels good, your mind follows suit. So try out a protein-packed smoothie bowl or oatmeal for breakfast, and take some almonds or veggies and hummus to snack on. 

4. Stay active.

Call up your trainer and book in some sessions asap. Don’t ease back into your workout routine — but get straight back into it to pick up where you left off and regain momentum. You’ve got a lot of booze to sweat out so hit up the sauna after your workout anyway. 

5. Restore your beauty routine.

Don’t forget your hair and skin! The ocean and chlorine in pools makes for sexy beach waves, but once you’re back, get in to see your stylist to have a clarifying wash and hair mask applied. Or, you can get incredible home facials like the Boscia Cool Blue Calming mask and the fresh Lush varieties. 

6. Plan something to look forward to.

Quickly make a plan for a weekend getaway somewhere nearby. As a vacation addict (and we fully support that designation), you'll need at least a small thing to look forward to — as a stop-gap before you start planning your next overindulgent and far-flung vacation!
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