8 Street Art Murals Across the U.S. That Were Basically Made for Instagram

8 Street Art Murals Across the U.S. That Were Basically Made for Instagram

Gratuitous selfie gold.

Some pieces of street art art instant favorites among locals and visitors alike — becoming magnets for selfie takers. These murals around the country are so iconic, they practically beg to be Instagram backdrops. 

1. I Love You So Much, Austin

The "I love you so much" paint job on the side of Jo’s Coffee in Austin was actually inspired by a different “I love you so much” graffiti art piece that came first — which was in New York City, and in yellow. But the words in Austin, painted by Amy Cook for her then-girlfriend, owner of Jo’s Coffee, immediately and increasingly began to inspire everyone who saw them. The phrase has now been the backdrop for countless photos depicting people by themselves or with those they love. If you find yourself in Austin, this is one of the most Instagram-worthy scenes you can snap.

2. Angel Wings, Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Instagram/bryantimothy

Colette Miller started the Global Angel Wings Project back in 2012 in Los Angeles with the intention of reminding people everywhere that we are all “the angels of Earth.” Though the wings are now depicted around the globe, you can find the very first pair at Traction and Hewitt in the Arts District. Find them, step into the frame, and capture yourself as an angel.

3. Hey Girl, Portland

Photo Credit: Alexander Barrett

Alexander Barrett is the mastermind behind the "Hey, Girl" mural that you can find in Portland at NE 24th and Glisan. According to Barrett, he was just sitting at home one night working on some type-related art and then decided he needed to paint a wall, so he asked a friend to help him and got it done. Now the mural accompanies folks in their photos of Portland and we have to say: It does makes for a solid photo op.

4. Greetings From Chicago

The "Greetings From" art collective are behind plenty of vintage-inspired postcard-like murals all over the place, but the Chicago piece has only been alive for not even a year and a half and it’s already become a must-see for in-the-know travelers. Make sure to grab a photo of it the next time you’re in the Windy City, and don’t be afraid to hop into the picture. Need more incentive? It features deep-dish pizza.

5. I Believe in Nashville

Adrien Saporiti is the artist who made the "I believe in Nashville" mural come to life. The image reads visually like a flag — decked out in red, white, and blue — and inspires locals and visitors alike to say cheese!

6. Detroit Lives

The "Martian Mural" at Detroit’s Eastern Market carries with it a powerful message for residents of Detroit — especially those longtime residents who have seen their community endure so much adversity: "Detroit Lives." Painted in 2009 by Philip Lauri, the mural seems to tell a story of aliens landing in Detroit and discovering — and rejoicing in the fact — that the city’s vibrant nature can’t be shaken.

7. Memorial Garden Mural, Baltimore

The Memorial Garden mural in Baltimore was painted by Lyle Kissack back in 2007 and while decidedly different from others on this list, this mural is beautiful for its nature-inspired simplicity. Those viewing it can set their gaze on the sight of sunshine flooding in through a mossy forest of young trees. It’s a lovely juxtaposition against the urban setting of Baltimore and would make for a wonderful — and Instagram-worthy — pitstop.

8. Alligator, Atlanta

Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz

The alligator mural in Atlanta is an unmistakable one. Belgian artist ROA created this beast in 2011 and it appears it’s in Atlanta to stay. You can find it at 209 Mitchell Street in southwest Atlanta. It’s so big that your photographer will have to step back at least to the other side of the street to get you and the entire animal in the shot — totally worth it for a photo with this monstrous ‘gator.

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