A Disgruntled Former Employee Stole 33 Cats From the Shelter That Fired Her

A Disgruntled Former Employee Stole 33 Cats From the Shelter That Fired Her

Anne Batley Burton, this is your soul mate.

By Brienne Walsh

You watched The Real Housewives of Auckland, right? If you didn’t, you’re really missing out as an animal lover, because cast member Anne Batley Burton is the most fabulous cat lady in the history of television. She’s like Lisa Vanderpump with a New Zealand accent, and cats instead of miniature horses, swans, and dogs. I mean, Anne keeps urns of all of her dead cats in her living room. And she climbs cliffs in heels to put out food for strays in the neighborhood.

No one on the Real Housewives of Auckland remained friends — it was awesome — so we want to propose a new friend for Anne: The lady who stole 33 cats from an animal care clinic and shelter in Warwick, Rhode Island, on Tuesday. According to the New York Post, she had just been fired from the clinic, and stole the cats in retaliation 

I don’t know what this lady was thinking, but taking on 33 cats seems more of a punishment for the thief than it does for the shelter. I mean, the litterbox work alone! Hopefully, the unnamed former employee hasn’t released them into the wilds of the smallest state of America, and instead, is hiding from the police under a mound of purring fur balls.

Because the police are on the case. Their first lead? A ransom note that says the cats were taken to “relieve stress.”

Anne, are you reading this? Doesn’t this friend seem perfect for you? I know you two are across the world from each other, but perhaps you can become friends on Facebook.

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