A New Dating App Sets Out To Prove Opposites Really Do Attract

A New Dating App Sets Out To Prove Opposites Really Do Attract

The Real Reveal launches in September.


By Hilary Sheinbaum

Similar dating apps are a dime a dozen (figuratively) – but there’s one coming out soon that promises differences are desirable. Also, this one will (literally) cost you.

The "Real Reveal" app – launching during New York’s fall fashion week in September – is based on the notion that incompatibility is what creates the best relationships.

It involves a test, an app, and a subscription. For singles who want to take a mini test before fully committing to all that, the apps "light" questionnaire is free on RealRevealTest. It will be available on Facebook, as well, at the end of July. There are 15 questions that are composed by Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg and Dr. Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. The queries are set up to reveal the truth behind your ego, soul, awareness, and readiness when it comes to what kind of partner you are in a relationship, the kind of partner you attract naturally – sometimes unknowingly – and the kind of mate you desire, to experience the most fulfillment in love and life. The full test is comprised of 85 questions and costs $49.

“The biggest reason behind our country’s high divorce rate is based upon the majority of singles going into love and relationships blind and uneducated as to who they are and what they deserve when it comes to love,” says Rosenberg. “Doctor Harville Hendrix and I have concluded that first, all romantic relationships are between incompatible people, by nature. When you fall in love, you fall in love with an incompatible person with the illusion of compatibility. A successful relationship has learned to use the tension of incompatibility to grow new ways of relating. Unsuccessful relationships engage in conflict and drama to erase differences in the hope of compatibility, but compatibility dissipates the energy of connecting, and relationships go flat.”

Though most apps use the same methods, Rosenberg assures this one is very different. “This isn’t another swipe left, swipe right online dating platform. The team has created a highly sensitive algorithm that has been designed to match people based on their answers to the full assessment,” she says. “At the same time, the algorithm is finding the perfect life, soul and ego mates; each perfect for each stage of life a single may be at. As far as having a certain or limited number of matches per day, it is infinite at a global scale, but there are filters for local versus worldwide.”

Another difference between this app and others is the price. The Real Reveal participation (after the $49 test) costs $100 annually (or $60 month-to-month). There’s also a $5,000 a year matchmaking option.

Opposites may attract, but you and your partner will at least have to agree on paying a premium to find love first.

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