A Prank Gone Wrong Turns Ugly for Two BFFs

A Prank Gone Wrong Turns Ugly for Two BFFs

"Are you a psychopath?"

By Megan Segura
Digital Original
Sorry I Ruined Your Face

Prank wars between friends are fun, hilarious, and totally harmless—sometimes. In this case of best friends Halie and Hannah, an "innocent" prank left a semi-permanent mark all over the target's face.

Could you forgive a friend for ruining your face? Watch the video above to see how a small joke turned into an ugly disaster.

Bake Amends reveals the stories behind the internet's most shameful apology cakes. Will the offended accept the apology, or will the culprit get their apology cake thrown back in their face? Watch the episode above to find out, and check back each Monday for all-new episodes.

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