A Weird Rule Requires Royals to Always Pack This One Item for Travel (And There's a Morbid Reason Why)

A Weird Rule Requires Royals to Always Pack This One Item for Travel (And There's a Morbid Reason Why)

It's something they never hope to use — but it's nonnegotiable.

By Alesandra Dubin

For all of Kate Middleton’s superhuman poise, and the otherworldly shine that emanates from her hair, the royal family is just like us.

Consider that royals are banned from eating shellfish when they travel, due to the risk of food poisoning — given that they’re just mere mortals under their tiaras and cable knit.

And they have another travel-related rule in place that speaks to their very mortal nature, undifferentiated from the rest of us human common folk: When traveling abroad, each and every member of the royal family must pack an all-black wardrobe that would be appropriate for a funeral.

Why? Well… in case there is a funeral, such as would be required when any member of the royal family dies when the traveling member is away. The packing requirement guarantees the bereaved would then be dressed appropriately upon return home to England, according to The Independent.

The rule came about after on a real-life historical moment (that watchers of The Crown will also remember from its on-screen moment) when Queen Elizabeth learned her father had died when she was traveling in Kenya with Prince Philip. She hadn’t packed a suitable black dress, and therefore upon return had to wait on the plane until such a garment could be delivered to her. It was the only appropriate way for her to be seen in public at such a time.

And the rule guarantees no royal will be caught in such a situation again.

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