Flying Coach Is About to Suck A Lot Less This Year

Flying Coach Is About to Suck A Lot Less This Year

Budget travelers, your prayers have been answered. 

Flying coach is never a breeze, but it’s about to get a bit more bearable thanks to some key changes that appear to be taking place. For far too long, airlines have been cutting costs while passengers’ complaints have been increasing in return. Now catching on to the fact that annoying customers is no way to run a business, airlines are starting to think slightly beyond their costs.

Take for example the complimentary mini bottles of sparkling wine and mini cupcakes Delta passengers flying between JFK and SFO received on Valentine’s Day. Then there’s the fact that American Airlines is now including snacks and movies in the price of the ticket. As you might remember, snacks used to be free on flights, but they weren’t the Dutch stroopwafels, which are now being offered on United Airlines flights.

If any of this is indicative of better-coach-times-to-come, we're excited. These kinds of amenities are nice, but they still don’t justify the decreasing amount of personal space, the increasing ticket prices, and the fees now hitting airline customers left and right. “Free” snacks are a start — a warmly welcomed delicious start — but airlines still have a long way to go if they want to make passengers feel humanely appreciated. We won’t hold our breath, but we will cross our fingers and hope that the rediscovered emphasis on the customer might eventually mean more space, fewer fees, better drink and food options, fewer delays and cancelations, and better customer service and perks for those impacted by delays and cancelations — and that’s just the beginning.

Dear airlines: We’re glad you’re noticing your customers and we are truly thankful for the snacks and the collective effort to Make Things Better. Seriously. Flying coach in 2016 is going to suck less than it has in any post 9/11 year thanks to some of these changes. Request: Please consider sparkling wine for everyone all the time. Thanks! 

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