If Airport Germs Freak You Out, You Are Going to Love This Amazing New Idea

If Airport Germs Freak You Out, You Are Going to Love This Amazing New Idea

Consider your heebie-jeebies mitigated (a little).

By Alesandra Dubin

Airplanes and airports can feel like germ-filled petri dishes, thanks to the endless parade of passengers touching — and coughing, and sneezing, and changing diapers — all over everything. But what if the germophobes among us could get a little relief?

Enter a new idea that could help mitigate the grossness: Ohio's Akron-Canton Airport, working together with a local hospital, has just implemented a new technology designed to help. Those plastic airport security trays are now lined with orange mats and handles that actually clean themselves between uses, according to the Canton Repository.

Wait, what? How...?

NanoTouch Materials developed the liners to help kill germs. "Using mineral nano-crystals that react with light, the material creates a self-cleaning oxidation reaction that the company says is stronger than bleach and continuously is breaking down organic contaminants," according to the Repository.

Akron-Canton is the first among the world's 9,000 airports to use the technology. Here's hope the idea (not the germs) spreads rapidly.

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