A New $500 Airport Gym Could Be a Travel Game Changer (and a Bargain for the Shower Alone)

A New $500 Airport Gym Could Be a Travel Game Changer (and a Bargain for the Shower Alone)

In which we break down the math.

By Lindsay Tigar

Ever do the long trek to the airport, only to get a travel notification text that your flight will now be two hours delayed? It’s the worst — especially if you skipped your early-morning workout to make it to your departure zone in time. And if your career requires you to jet from London to Singapore and back to the states, you probably spend more time in airports around the world than you do on a treadmill as it is. In short, frequent travel — for work or play — can equal a bod that could use some more fitness love than it gets.

But listen up, because some folks who get it have a new concept that could change the game.

Two frequent travelers (and gym rats), Cynthia Sandall and Ty Manegold, faced this issue while traveling in grad school at the University of Oregon. Their solution? ROAM Fitness, a new concept on working out on the go, which offers both gyms and showers past the golden gates of security — meaning your gate number and elliptical might not be too far away from each other.

ROAM is still in its early stages with one location at Baltimore Washington International Airport. The facility includes cardio equipment, free weights, medicine and stability balls, yoga props and a TRX system. The yearly cost — $500 — allows you to use of the gym equipment and gives you the ability to take a shower (with Malin+Goetz products, no less). You can also rent Lululemon athletic clothes and Brooks Running Shoes (for no additional cost!). And you can buy a variety of healthy noms post-workout to eat there or take on your flight. Plus: If you’ve ever taken a workout class in the morning and left early to make sure you could quickly shower before getting to the office on time, ROAM offers reservable 15-minute shower slot, so you’ll never miss your boarding zone number. 

Another fun perk? If you’re stressed about how much those stinky gym clothes will create gnarly funk in your carryon, the facility will actually vacuum seal your workout clothes in a bag.

And if you can’t imagine shelling out some Franklins to work out in a terminal, a day pass will cost you $40. (Or a month goes for $150.) But let's think about this: If that sounds pricey, consider what you might otherwise spend at the airport bar when your flight keeps getting pushed back… #justsaying. Also consider what working out costs per month in cities like Los Angeles, where fitness is the new status symbol. It's easy to spend $300 a month on, say, Soul Cycle — and yeah, that's way more than $500 in a year.

The new concept looks to launch next in Charlotte-Douglas Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, Pittsburgh International Airport, and Atlanta.

So what say you, fitness buffs and jet setters: brilliant idea, or just another way to add to airport stress?

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