10 Amazing Dominique Ansel Treats — Square Watermelon Cake! — You Can Only Get in Japan (Sorry)

10 Amazing Dominique Ansel Treats — Square Watermelon Cake! — You Can Only Get in Japan (Sorry)

#Sorrynotsorry, says Japan.

By Maggie Shi

He's done it again. Pasty wizard Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut and the Frozen S'more and newly crowned Best Pastry Chef in the world, is blowing dessert-lovers away with his latest bakery that recently opened in Tokyo's Ginza district. His new spot offers a variety of Ginza-only pastries that have foodies everywhere buzzing. The most over-the-top item? Everyone's been raving about his Zero Gravity Sponge Cake: a honey-vanilla slice is suspended in a helium balloon that must be popped before you can get to the light-as-air cake inside.

Other Ginza-only items include these adorable Roasted Tomato Hot Dog Buns: soft bread filled with roasted tomatoes, onions, mustard, and of course, a hot dog.

And a black sugar version of Ansel's hugely popular DKA (Dominique's Kouign Amann). It's made with Kokuto black sugar from Okinawa.

Let's not forget the Matcha Babaka, a soft brioche loaf with swirls of matcha chocolate ganache.

There's also this Square Watermelon Raspberry Pistachio Mousse Cake (a nod to Japan's bizarre and very pricey square watermelons). It's made with pistachio biscuit, pistachio feuilletine, watermelon lime gelee, and pistachio and raspberry mousse.

You can't miss the Rose Lychee Dahlia Blossom cake—it's made with more than 20 handmade rose honey wafer petals filled with lychee ganache. You're meant to pick off each petal and eat them one by one.

We're also missing out on this gorgeous Marble Cake made with cherry jam, kirsch vanilla cream, and dark chocolate.

While those items are only available at the Ginza location, there's another Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo selling even more exclusive items that aren't available in the U.S. (Why oh why do other countries always get the good stuff?)

Among the unique DAB pastries you'll be able to sample in Japan—but not here—is the Paris-Tokyo, a play on a traditional Paris-Brest pastry made with matcha ganache, vanilla ganache, and a passion fruit jam.

Here's the Chocolate Mango Coconut "Uni," a take on Hong Kong's classic mango pudding. It's a dark chocolate shell filled with mango pudding, coconut sponge cake, fresh mango, whipped cream, and a bit of gold leaf—you know, just for kicks.

And of course, there are rotating Japanese-specific Cronut flavors that showcase the country's signature ingredients, such as Strawberry Daifuku, featuring strawberry jam and azuki ganache, and a Cronut made with Hokkaido milk honey and Yuzu lemon curd.

Time to book a flight?

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