Yes, Your Airplane Seat *Can* Get Less Comfortable — And Here's Why It's About To

Yes, Your Airplane Seat *Can* Get Less Comfortable — And Here's Why It's About To

Ever get the sinking feeling you're steerage?

By Alesandra Dubin

It hasn't been a great few weeks for airline news, you might say. Of course, United Airlines famously mishandled Leggings-Gate and later Bump-Gate. (And then did it kill a beloved pet bunny?!) American then faced Stroller-Gate, which all prompted the top airlines to get a scolding from congress that they must improve the customer experience.

Well, news comes this morning that American Airlines is about to make another very unpopular move — which certainly affects the customer experience. According to CNN Money, the airline says it plans to add more seats on its coming Boeing 737 Max jetliners. Can you guess how it will do that?

Yes, it will add even more seats — going from 160 to 170 — and shrinking the distance between them from 31 down to 29 inches on three rows of the plane, and down to 30 inches in the rest of the coach cabin. The bathrooms would also be smaller.

United Airlines is apparently considering taking a similar step.

The move would put giant American's seats on par with the smaller, low-cost carriers — and almost on par with the ultra-low-cost carriers, such as Spirit Airlines... the one Americans say is the worst


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