Amy Schumer Has a New Dog and You Should Probably Go Ahead and Look at Her

Amy Schumer Has a New Dog and You Should Probably Go Ahead and Look at Her

…’cause she’s got her very own tiny poncho.

By Kristyn Pomranz

We don’t typically think of comedian Amy Schumer as an “under the radar” type of person, but when it came to getting a dog, Amy went total stealth-mode. The typically outspoken actress posted some photos on her Instagram of a small black dog, but no caption specified who the dog belonged to—until she shared this snap a couple weeks ago:

Since then, Amy has remained relatively quiet about her cute little pupper, so we have no idea if she was rescued, or how old she is, or what type of breed (although she definitely has some poodle). But she has slowly started posting more and more videos of the dog—whom we now know is named Tati—so it seems that she is acclimating to the “crazy dog mom” life that she famously parodied on her show, Inside Amy Schumer.

Here is Tati with her very own director’s chair.

This bitch

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What’s she directing, you ask? Well, so far, it seems like she’s the boss of Amy’s workout regimen:

bullied in my own home

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Risin up

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She’s also really into that couch snuggle life:


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Oh, and she has her own tiny yellow raincoat, of course:

Raining in Boston

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Congratulations, Amy! We hope you share more info on your new family member soon!

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